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Client Love

Receiving positive feedback always feels good. But, when I see how good the ladies feel, how their lives have been positively impacted and the ripple effect this new-found confidence provides, I am filled with joy!

Listen to this…


"I first worked with Jenny two years ago in her 4 weeks to fat loss bootcamp. My youngest was now 2yrs old and I was struggling to loose the baby weight and get back to my goal weight. I was going to the gym, trying different programs, some very rigorous only to hit the end burnt out for very little results. I am not one to stay motivated on my own and when the small results would come in it lead to much disappointment and me giving up and going back to yo-yoing my way through the year always counteracting each programs results. The summer I met Jenny I had watched a friend of mine's journey through Jenny's 4 week program and was amazed and in awe of her results. I wanted that! I craved that. So I signed up. I wish I could say it was love at first sight but it wasnt. I went kicking and screaming through the whole process but I did give it my all. The encouragement and accountability and my want for results kept me going. And guess what?! RESULTS!!! I lost 6lbs and 8.5 inches in 4 weeks. And I felt amazing. One thing I realized through this process was all those programs I had been doing  showed me how to workout but never how to eat and fuel my body with those workouts. NO wonder I wasnt getting results! Jenny was there every step of the way teaching us how to eat and fuel our bodies to get the results. 

I didn't stick with jenny at first but in the years to follow I kept finding myself coming back to the program every time I fell off the wagon craving the discipline, healthy lifestyle, and the true results it always gave. Carb cycling was not always my favorite but it has been the only program I have tried that I have been able to stick with and gotten amazing results! I don't feel burnt out after finishing a round or even during. The Faster Way To Fat Loss is something I can stick to and I love the accountability it gives me. The encouragement from Jenny and the other ladies in the group make you feel like you can accomplish anything, turning your mindset from only focusing on the negative to seeing all the positive and how far you've come. I have lost a total of 10 lbs and 11 inches so far in 10 weeks!"

- Valerie 

After finishing up the FASTer Way program with Jenny, I have lost 11 pounds, 3 inches in my waist, and 1-2 inches everywhere else. That’s crazy for someone who’s 5’3”! I notice a world of difference in my midsection! I think I might almost be able to see my abs again! I am shocked at how great the results were and that was after I had about 2 weeks of craziness from traveling and being sick!
— Emily


“My husband and I just completed 6 weeks following the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle. We are extremely happy about our results!! We have decided to do another 6 weeks! I lost 14 pounds and 24 1/2” and my husband lost 22 pounds and 17”!!!! How awesome is that?? In 6 weeks!!! My husband and I were in a place in our lives that we felt very tired all day, ate all the wrong foods, and ate out constantly because we were too tired to cook and deal with dishes in the kitchen.  We have tried eating right and exercising MANY times on our own and never succeeded. We never made it longer than a week before we would revert back to our bad habits because we felt deprived. With the FASTer Way we NEVER felt deprived. We were not perfect the whole 6 weeks and it felt great knowing that we could still have some of the things we love! We love this lifestyle change and we plan to do this FOREVER! We feel so much better mentally and physically. This has changed our lives in so many positive ways. We are even happier!!! We love that the FASTer Way is easy to follow and is so flexible. Thank you to Jenny Mire for your dedication and hard work to us and for holding is accountable. We could not have done this without you! We are looking forward to continuing with you and can not wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings! Thank you FASTer Way for changing our lives and bodies!! Hands down, best lifestyle change EVER!!!"

- Jamie B

“About a year ago I was so tired. Tired of having no energy.  Tired of being mentally foggy. Tired of killing it with cardio at the gym and not seeing any results. Tired of being self conscious when my clothes did not fit right. Tired of trying to stay on diets for my insulin resistance.  Tired of being on several medications for the same problem.  That is when I reached out to Jenny.  I had seen success from her clients on social media but was a little skeptical that her program would work for me.  At this point, I was tired enough to try. 

A year later, I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made!  My insulin resistance has been "totally cured" (my doctor's exact words)! I am off all my heavy meds! I have energy! I am strong and fit! I am more comfortable and confident in my own skin! I spend less time at the gym! I eat more food AND CARBS! (Anyone with insulin resistance knows they always proscribe low carb diets- I have learned that this is a faulty way to battle this disease!)  If you need help moving forward in your health journey I would highly recommend Jenny's program!!!  The community in the online boot camps is fabulous! The ladies are encouraging and help keep me motivated and focused! The workouts are intentional and stream lined!  The guidance for tracking macros has been life changing!  Don't wait! I promise, it will be the best decision you ever make!”

- Tiffani


Read this powerful testimony from my sweet client Kelly:

As I look back on the last 14 months I get emotional. Jenny Thank you so much for introducing me/challenging me to try carb cycling.


This last year has been such a learning curve. Starting Carb Cycling has taught me so much in regards to how to relate food with my workouts  It has also taught me how important it is as a mom to take the time to exercise and be get healthy. In the last year I have had some big ups and downs. I have learned that fitness and healthy eating isn't just about hitting your goal and stopping its about living a lifestyle that is in balance. Sometimes keeping things balanced can be difficult. Being busy with kids and a husband that travels for work can be distracting and overwhelming but this year has taught me a lot about grace. In the journey to health/fitness its about allowing grace for hard days but determination to stay on track for the larger goal. 

I have learned that a key to my success is meal planning and programming in advance in My Fitness Pal for the next day.  I am not a big fan of reheated food so instead of precooking a bunch of food I tend to prep large amounts of ingredients so that all I have to do is throw it in the pan and cook it. I also keep nut butters, NLA for her protein, and raw honey in stock at all times. I have learned that when it comes to food, healthy doesn't mean boring or missing out on something it just means planned and accounted for.  I also have started really looking forward to and scheduling my "cheat" days.  I have found that these are vital for me in not blowing up mid week and having a big cheat. Also I love that this program has taught me to eat!!!  No 1000 calorie torture diet.  Real yummy food!

I have and will continue to recommend Jenny and the her Fat Loss programs! The amount of health, energy and confidence that has been restored cannot be measured. I am so excited to continue on this journey to health and am committed to adopting this as a lifestyle for me and my family. 

I truly cannot say enough about Jenny as a coach, mentor, and friend!  As I look at the 45 pounds and 23 inches lost I see happiness, confidence and excitement.  I have worked hard for these victories and with Jenny's leadership and support I plan to see them continue. On to the next round and the next goal!  

- Kelly

Can you believe this transformation, in only six short weeks?!

unnamed (15).jpg

“In only 6 short weeks, I have lost 12 lbs and 16 inches! Jenny's fat loss program is absolutely amazing!  I was worried at first that I wouldn't be able to do the fasting window, but it really wasn't that bad of an adjustment. Especially when I started to see the results from it.  This is not only a diet that I can say I did and lost weight on, it's a LIFESTYLE that I can continue to maintain on a daily basis.  I've always been one to fluctuate with 5-10 pounds, losing and then gaining.  I enjoy working out and would have weeks I would workout really hard and then fall off the wagon and not workout for a few months.  This program with Jenny makes it easy to stick to healthy eating and pairing it with the appropriate workout... you see great results. 

unnamed (16).jpg

I never felt deprived or that I was missing out, if anything, I felt like I was forcing food down sometimes!  When I was younger, I used to boast about my smaller waist and flat stomach.  Now that I am in my mid 30's I have definitely seen some changes in my body and was starting to think that I would never have my tiny waist again.  Through Jenny's boot camp, I am starting to see that smaller waist coming back and I am so excited!  You can have the body you want if you adjust your lifestyle.  This boot camp truly is a game changer and different than any other thing I have tried in the past.  I am excited to continue my journey and to continue implementing the tools Jenny has taught me over the course of the last 6 weeks!”

- Brittany

Incredible numbers from this client:

In the last 8 weeks I’ve lost 18 1/2 inches and almost 12 pounds of fat! The most significant was 4.25 inches in my hips! This fat loss program is so doable.
— Debbie


“I started by reaching out to Jenny in regards to her iifym boot camp, and she got back to me within a reasonable time. She told me about her fat loss bootcamp and told me that it taught how to count macros as well, and that she would be available every step of the way. I was very hesitant to join because I didn’t eat many carbs and ate more protein packed meals. I’m a cheese eater, so I was very nervous to try this, I mean not a day went by I didn’t have some cheese. So I told Jenny I would think about it and go from there. I decided to take the plunge and try her 4 weeks to fat loss boot camp, I tried to be positive going into it. Within the first week, I could tell a difference, I wasn’t bloated. By week 3, my clothes were starting to fit more comfortably and my wedding rings even fit better. By the end of the 4 weeks, I had lost 10 pounds and over 11 inches overall. I was blown away at my results in 4 weeks. I didn’t feel deprived of food during the 4 weeks, I am getting a better quality of sleep, am feeling more confident in the gym and my clothes are fitting looser and I have had to even buy new workout clothes. I have just recently finished my 3rd boot camp with Jenny and even after a week on vacation, I still managed to lose pounds and inches. Overall, I have lost over 26 pounds and over 27 inches in 13 weeks working with Jenny.”


Okay so I have gotten on the scale multiple times thinking it was off or messed up! Even with missing a week and a half of exercising but staying strict with my food I have lost 13lbs and a total of 33.5 inches! I can not thank you enough Jenny!!!!
— kelly

If you want transformations just like these women (and some men too!) you must take action. Results don’t happen from osmosis. Please reach out to me and learn more about this fantastic program that is changing women’s lives for the better with zero products, pills or powders.