Thank you for trusting me as your personal trainer! I know a lot of you have questions regarding supplements and are curious as to what I use. You will find all the supplements I use below and when I use them. 

Cheers! Jenny

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I am IN LOVE with The Weekly Juicery's Juice Ritual. One day a month I keep my digestive rest for 36 hours by drinking these juices. It floods my body with the nutrients it needs. For more info check it out here. 

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Just add ONE scoop of Yuri Elkaim’s Energy Greens to a glass of water or your favorite smoothie and get ready to look and feel your best.


Silver Fern Brand™ Endurance Energy Drink is GREAT for workouts. You get a boost of energy while it actually increases cardio vascular endurance. This is a MUST!

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I drink these Wai Probiotic Drink Mixes every day with my first meal! 


Along with the drink mixes, I take two Ultimate Probiotic capsules each day.


I take two multi vitamin capsules each day with my first meal!

I absolutely LOVE this sweetener! A GREAT alternative when baking!


For days I need more protein (low carb days), I add this non-tasting collagen peptide mix to my shakes or coffee!

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NLA For Her is my favorite company for whey protein, pre-workout and amino acids (BCAAs). The protein is great to cook with and to drink post workout. The UPLIFT is a wonderful pre-workout. Her AMINOS are great BCAAs that you can drink pre, intra, and post workout for muscle repair! The AMINO BURNER I utilize some days during heavy lifting sessions as an "intra" workout drink - it has pre-workout, fat burning thermogenic and amino acids in it - ONLY DRINK THE AMINO BURNER DURING A WORKOUT. I also love the Shred Her capsules for a great fat burner! 

These NLA for Her protein bars are delicious and GREAT for training days!


Every flavor of ABS is Certified Gluten Free, All Natural and Non-GMO. 1 serving of our ABS Protein Pancakes is 3-4 Pancakes or 1 Protein Waffle with every flavor being under 8g net carbs while most mixes are 20g processed carbohydrates and more. On top of this every serving of ABS has 25g of protein or more per serving!