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8 weeks of education + devotions that walk through overcoming emotional eating and believing your worth to reunite you with your best self by conquering mindset around your wellness journey.

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Equilibrium Nutrition has all your vitamin needs! Check them out here! My top supplements are the Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Daily Probiotic and the Daily Digestive!


I am IN LOVE with The Weekly Juicery's Juice Cleanse. One day a month I keep my digestive rest for 36 hours by drinking these juices. It floods my body with the nutrients it needs. For more info check it out here.  Register for the ongoing juice ritual once a month, or just try it once!


Need some CLEAN seasonings?! Jenny's Favorite Seasonings has an outstanding variety of flavor profiles, at a great price! Gift box and recipes included with these Tiny Little Chef Seasonings. Get 25% off by using code JENNYMIRE at checkout!

INFLAMMATION BUSTER is my all time FAVE! Try this in your coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, oatmeal, mixed into nut butters, sprinkled on apples and pears and more!

Looking for a clean source of protein powder, BCAAs and more? Check out the MomSanity Brand that I have come to love for all your BCAA and Protein Powder needs!

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I have found the most AMAZING skincare with Glowbiotics! You take probiotics for your gut health, don’t you? Then why not your skin too?! Glowbiotics has been a God send for my skin! Check them out and use code JENNY20 for a discount on your order.

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