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I love training women so that they can reach their potential, no matter where they are in life!

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FASTER WAY TO Fat Loss bootcamp


In this 6-week online bootcamp, you follow carb cycling/intermittent fasting techniques combined with my high intensity interval strength training workout routines to create massive fat burning results. You will work out LESS and eat MORE during these 4 or 6 weeks and get some amazing weight loss in the process. I am with you every step on the way via our online group as well.


VIP membership


This online membership group is only open to previous clients who have successfully completed my one of my fat loss bootcamps. This membership will take my Veteran clients to a new level of living a healthy life! With this membership you will choose to follow the "FASTer Way" carb cycling and intermittent fasting approach OR the “if it fits your macros” flexible dieting approach to a lifestyle! You receive new workouts each month, a monthly theme/mentor with experts in the field, the latest information on health and wellness, VIP discounts, as well as ongoing accountability from me and all the women in the online community. You will be LIVING Fit as a lifestyle!


Think Fit Method™


Think Fit Method™ is a passion project of mine where I bring in my educational and career background in the mental health field with my knowledge and passion for fitness. This is an eight week, self-paced online course to help you conquer mindset, emotional eating and self-sabotage on your journey to self discovery and weight loss God's way. 

To start your journey to the healing of your mind so that you can begin to see the physical changes you want, head over to


Free Resources


Why Your Own Mind Is Making You Fat

In this free guide, you will discover the link between your weight and your mental health while learning how to shift your mindset and stop emotional eating.



In this worksheet, you will determine what you are craving and I will teach you how to CRUSH YOUR CRAVINGS for FREE!


The Comprehensive Guide to Fat Loss

In this free guide, I have included my top tips for fat loss, why gut health is important and it's affects on losing weight, effective eating strategies to beat the belly fat, and how to get the most bang for your buck during your workouts. 


10 Recipes to Slim Down for Summer

Looking for some fun FREE recipes to keep your nutrition on track over the summer months? Click below to grab my favorite recipes you can easily take to a BBQ or serve at a get-together! 



"If It Fits Your Macros" (IIFYM) or flexible dieting, is a method of eating that focuses on meeting macronutrient targets, instead of just focusing on calories. I go over what macros are: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and why all three are essential in living a healthy and balanced life.

Learn the basics with this free guide!


5 Facts To Know Before Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is the best way to lose that unwanted weight but you must understand a few things before beginning. This is hands down the best thing that has ever worked for me, in all my years as a personal trainer. And now I want to share it with YOU! Check out my free mini eBook.


5 Secrets to Your Bikini Body

Ready to get your bikini body? Download my 5 Secrets to Your Bikini Body to learn my top things to apply when trying to get that bikini body!


Lifting to Get Lean: 5 Moves to Add to Your Routine

Building muscle is imperative to helping you lose weight and keeping it off. Muscle increases and ramps up your metabolism, thus burning more calories at rest! Learn 5 important moves you should add to your weekly routine!