Ready to join the LIVING Fit Community?! 

Thank you so much for inquiring about my LIVING Fit VIP Membership!
You are here because:

  • You have rocked one of my fat loss bootcamps, been training in person or virtually with me, or are currently wrapping up the FASTer Way program
  • You loved what you learned with me previously
  • You want to make this a LIFESTYLE and learn how to incorporate LIVING Fit into every day life without just being in "another program"
  • You want to CONTINUE to get results while living life and all that it brings
  • You want LONG TERM accountability, support, trainings, and new workouts

What do you get in the LIVING Fit Community?

  • New Workouts Each Month

  • Long Term Daily Accountability And Check-In's

  • Monthly LIVING Fit Theme On Health And Wellness Topics

  • Monthly Mentor To Provide Education On Our Theme

  • Live Group Calls

  • Me, As Your Personal Trainer

  • VIP Discounts

The LIVING Fit VIP Community is just that! 

In this community group, I let my clients choose to follow the carb cycling/intermittent fasting approach OR "if it fits your macros" (IIFYM) approach to living fit! This is NOT just a quick fix, but about a LONG TERM lifestyle that works. 

The LIVING Fit Community is a membership style group where you will be a part of an online community of women living this lifestyle. When accountability is threaded with support, you are more likely to succeed at making healthy decisions throughout all areas of your life. 

Once you register, you will be billed monthly on that same day. 


Open enrollment is always the last week of the month for the following month. Get all of this for ONLY $75/month.

Hear what my LIVING Fit clients are saying...

"LIVING Fit is a community of women who live a fit and healthy life yet need accountability and support with the journey. The support these women and Jenny offer is incredible; it's a safe place to share daily life struggles, where we exchange recipes, and hold each other accountable. Jenny offers daily tips , motivation and pushes us with some tough workouts. Thanks to Living Fit, I have the support and accountability to stay on track while continuing to achieve goals. Thanks Jenny for all the support and love you show us!"

Jessica S.

"The LIVING Fit program has been just what I needed this summer! With so much going on, I really needed some flexibility yet accountability to keep me on track. This program gave me just that! Love the shorter yet power packed workouts and having all the support and encouragement from Jenny and the group! The balance of enjoying a BBQ or a dinner date out, yet still feeling strong and in control of my healthy life style, feels amazing."

Hannah E.

"I have worked hard this last year on my health and have had AWESOME results. I was hitting a burnout point with carb cycling, however, and didn't want to undo all that I had achieved. I also KNEW that accountability was a huge part of my success and still wanted direction on how to manage my macros matched with appropriate workouts. Enter LIVING Fit... a PERFECT option for me. I have enjoyed the flexibility with it while trying to find balance and making it a lifestyle change. But if I'm keeping it real, I recently hit an "i don't care" point in my journey; first time I felt this way in a year! So I shared my struggle within our private LIVING Fit group looking again for that accountability. My fellow groupies did what this group is all about and LIFTED me up with their encouraging words and shared struggles as well. This was so impactful to me and helped me to refocus my WHY and set me back on track!"


"Over the past 7 months I have been on my fat loss journey with Jenny and I have loved every minute of it! Starting in August I joined the LIVING Fit program and I have to say this is by far my favorite group and program. LIVING Fit works better with my lifestyle and all of the ladies in this group stick together and encourage you to keep your head up and moving forward with a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Jenny, for all of your support and encouragement this year."

Alicia M.