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One Day Juice Fast...

Overeating, over drinking, over working? I feel you!

Are you ready to hit "reverse" on some unhealthy habits and poor eating choices?  

Are you ready for a game-changing secret for your health journey?

If you are new to The Weekly Juicery, they are a USDA Certified Organic juice company headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky.  Their juices are organic, raw, nutrient-dense, and free of any additives or refinements.  Not all juice is created equal!  I believe they make the most nutrient-dense, potent juices available to elevate your health and wellbeing.


If yes, a juice fast should be your next step!  

  • If you’ve been overly tired and sluggish, feeling ill or unable to sleep, it may be the result of accumulated toxins in your body.
  • Troubled skin, weight gain and a lack of energy may also signal imbalances. These signals are powerful alerts to our body that our health and vitality are compromised in some way and need attention.

Not to worry! These imbalances are easy to remedy. Try the organic one-day fast! You'll be getting a power punch of organic vegetables and fruits along with some much-needed digestive rest to restore balance. 

The One Day Juice Fast includes:

  • Six, USDA Certified Organic juices (16 ounces each).

  • Insulated cooler tote with ice packs that you can keep.  Makes for a great lunch bag!

  • 1:1 complimentary detox talk with The Weekly Juicery in-house cleanse coach (30 minutes).

  • A recorded webinar with The Weekly Juicery Founder, Kimmye Bohannon on cleanse “how to” and instructions.

  • National shipping to your home or office via FedEx.  

Order Details:

  • Good News! Juice fast can be ordered for any week!

  • Order deadline for each week:  Sunday by 12:00 p.m. EDT.

  • Juices ship every Monday to arrive to your door on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • You’ll receive a welcome email from The Weekly Juicery that includes the FedEx tracking number and access to a “how to” video on completing your cleanse.

Interested in doing this one day fast each month?! Check out the Juice Ritual below if you are ready to commit to a healthier life each and every month! 

The Juice Ritual...

is the healthy practice of a committing to a one-day of digestive rest each month while drinking six, organic vegetable juices to flood your body with nutrients. The best part? Each month we'll do this together as amazing group of people dedicated to elevating our health and wellbeing. Here's why. 

  • It's an easy and convenient way to re-commit to chasing good health. Let's face it, we're either waking up every day chasing good health or waiting or disease.
  • You get an abundance of organic vegetables your body is craving while take resetting your system.
  • You're part of a vibrant wellness community connected to chasing good health.
  • You'll never go too far "off the rails." Each month you'll get right back on track even if you've strayed from the healthy path! We've got your back.
  • Because when you look good, you feel good and you do good. It’s as easy as that!  


"When you do a healthy habit, yes, it's a healthy habit, but if it’s your ritual, you don’t miss it. Then it is important enough to you that you dedicate your heart mind, soul, and every intention you have to keeping it going. "

Founder and CEO, Kimmye Bohannon