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Gym Anxiety? Top Tips For Overcoming Your Fear Of The Gym

Gym anxiety can be a real thing- one that hinders even the most well intentioned person to stay away.  It is never a fun to feel ill-equipped for success and the gym is no exception. Most of us overthink it and create more anxiety than necessary when it comes to working out at the gym.  That said here are some tips to help ease those tensions and to encourage you to drop those anxieties and start getting your sweat on with confidence

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Strength Training For Fat Burn?!

Experience in the world of fitness and training has shown me time and time again that many people still struggle with the notion that losing the fat they so desire to burn only comes by way of long form cardio, day in and out.  For a long time this was “the way” we were all taught and because it has been ingrained in our heads, even when we venture into other areas of training we still feel like we have to get that cardio in to get rid of the fat.

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What Is AMRAP and Why Is It Important?

AMRAP? What does it stand for? Pretty simple actually,  AMRAP means: “As Many Reps As Possible.” In practice you would incorporate “AMRAP”  during your training session, pumping out as many reps as you can in a certain amount of time. A lot of time I encourage this concept at the end of a set, as a finisher to bring the muscle to full fatigue while using a lower weight than you would use during the sets you are doing for maximum burn.  Plus AMRAP is a really great way to challenge yourself to push till there is nothing left!

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How to Gain Confidence in the Gym

We all start somewhere.  Every single one of us has a beginning, a start day, a restart day and we’ll likely have a few of them throughout our journey in health, wellness, and fitness.  It’s also true that we are all learning as we go, adding more tools to our arsenal and finding out what works for us along the way. These are true statements and they apply very much to how we find success in this space.  How we can acquire an attitude of confidence as continue down the path growing, both in mentally with the knowledge we gain and physically as we change our bodies. Today I want to talk about a couple of bonafide ways to gain confidence in the gym.

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Best Rep Count for Maintaining vs. Building Muscle

There are all different types of goals when it comes to body composition. Some women want to slim down and tone up without putting on too much muscle. They want to maintain what they have and chisel things out a bit more.  Others want to shed fat while building muscle so they look fit and strong. Neither is right or wrong, but each goal has implications in terms of your workouts.

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How Often Should I Switch Up My Workout Plan? Why?

Once you’ve gotten into a good workout routine, you need to consider changing it up every now and then! While it is good to use one plan for your initial 6-8 weeks of getting fit and on the right track, after that it’s important to change things up so you work your muscles in different ways and don’t get bored. Keeping things varied will help you sculpt and tone better overall, while allowing you to stay interested and motivated.

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