Wear that Bikini!

Have you ever seen the image floating around social media that says, “How to have a bikini body: wear one”?

This is such a powerful thought, and it is one that seems so simple to take into action.

However, that is often not the case. A few weeks ago while I was at the pool with my girls, I noticed myself getting wrapped up into thoughts of things I needed to “work on” to feel more confident in my swimsuit while I hung out at the pool.

Then I stopped and thought: WHY? Why am I picking myself apart? I am so much more than this.

Over time social media, magazines, and other outlets of society have created an image of what it should look like when we’re lounging by the pool.

But I want you to stop and think - Who says their opinions matter? Who says they set the rules?!

Why can’t we feel comfortable in our own skin, throw on that suit, and have fun?

Here’s the thing - we can!

It’s time we all get out of our heads and create our own image of what it looks like to be by the water and in our bikini. It’s time we stepped out of our comfort zones and became that strong example for our kids as we exude self-confidence. It’s time we worry about “putting on” positive self-talk rather than finding the perfect cover up that fits our curves just right. It’s time we show our kids and those around us the importance of self-confidence over image.

Friends, this summer I challenge you to get into that swimsuit. Have fun by the water slide. Hop in the inner tube. Run through the sprinklers. Make memories with your friends and family. They don’t care how you look when you’re around, but just that you are around. Instead of getting wrapped up in negative thoughts, say some positive affirmations and focus on the experience ahead of you. I promise you are your own worst critic!