Mindset Around Fasting

In the health and wellness industry, fasting has become a popular term in which many are trying out for themselves. In my previous blog post, I discussed some of the benefits and when (and when not) to do it. However, it is SO important to address mindset before implementing a fast into your routine. Fasting is not meant to punish or to be a quick fix. It is meant to reward your body with time to heal and repair itself.

A fast should never be done in order to deprive yourself after a binge. Food and the restriction of is not meant to be a reward nor a punishment to our bodies. When we take away the emotions of food, it simply becomes a way to fuel our bodies so that it may function to its potential. We’re more likely to make better choices when it comes to the kitchen as we are searching for those macro- and micro-nutrients in each and every meal. Fasting needs to hold the same mindset.

When engaging in a fast or intermittent fasting, it is important to remember why you are doing it. This is not time to restrict yourself of calories; often our calorie goals can often be met within a shorter eating window rather than less overall. You might be engaging in a 24 hour fast or intermittent fasting to help your body avoid insulin resistance because it runs in your family. You might be fasting to help your body repair itself after a few hard workouts and focusing on hydration. Whatever your “why” is, write it down and keep it handy when you’re fasting.

Once you understand why you are doing it, it is time to put a plan into place. This doesn’t just mean eating a solid meal the night before, but it also means preparing your mindset. There will be tough moments throughout the day, but by knowing how you will overcome these moments before they occur, you will set yourself up for success! If you find that you are wanting to cave in, will you seek out water or an herbal tea? Will you reach out to your accountability partner? Will you head out for a walk?

Fasting is SO beneficial and once you have the right mindset, I know you will be successful. Remember friends, it’s all mind over matter!