Tips to Stay Focused on Your Nutrition

You’ll hear me say it time and time again: nutrition is key! When we are fueling our bodies efficiently, they are more likely to work efficiency. It’s a balancing act. Around this time of year with Spring Break and warmer weather it can be difficult to think about focusing in on our nutrition and sticking to it, but trust me - your bodies will thank you if you do! Today I’d like to share some tips that help me stay focused on my nutrition.

  • Make nutrition your main focus itself. When beginning a new lifestyle, it’s easy to want to do it all. I’ve been there; it can feel as though it’s all or nothing. Does it have to be that way? No! Start with your nutrition and make that your target. Set yourself up for success by allowing nutrition to have 100% of your focus where you can give it your all, rather than only giving it 50%.

  • Spend some time meal planning and prepping the fridge for the week. By only having good choices readily available, these become the ONLY choices! Very quickly you’ll find that you’re able to stay in tune and focused on your nutrition with minimal road bumps.

  • Set nutrition-based goals each week. Do you need to include more veggies into your day? More fruit? More lean protein? Take a look at your current diet and see where you could make improvement. Choose one area to better for the next seven days and make that your sole focus. These will compound over time, and before you know it your nutrition will be in check.

  • Make it fun! Try to see how big of a variety of foods you can create in each of your meals. Spotlight particular macro and micronutrients. How much color can you add to your plate? What new fruits can you try that are full of vitamin C? What does that new vegetable you saw for the first time at the grocery store yesterday taste like? By keeping it fun and fresh, you’re making it exciting to eat what is nutrient-dense and what aligns to your goals.

  • Hone in on how you are feeling. It is SO much easier to stick to something when we are seeing results right away. After you’ve spent a few days hitting your macros, indulging in foods with the right micronutrients, and watching your portion sizes, check in with how you are feeling. Are your energy levels higher than before? Are you sleeping better? These small victories not only add up over time, but they keep you motivated and excited to keep going!

  • Find a friend to share it with. Do you have someone around you that has a similar goal? Find a good recipe and share it with them! By lifting each other up, you’ll automatically be motivated to remain focused and have someone to lean on when things get tough.

These are five simple ideas that you can start today in order to ensure you are staying tight with your nutrition. It’s time we take care of our bodies, friends! Getting our nutrition in check is the first step to any healthy lifestyle. What tip will you try first?