Balancing Your Macros

Whether you’re just starting your health and fitness journey or you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for some time, you know how important it is to ensure you are getting a balanced diet of the appropriate macronutrients. Our bodies need protein, fat, and carbs to thrive - and making sure you’re finding the correct balance daily is detrimental to energy levels, fitness, and day to day tasks. Today I’d like to share five tips that you can try today and increase your success!

#1 - Find your starting point. Track your macros for a few days and see where you are at in relation to your goals. Is there a macro that’s too high? Too low? Make a goal to adjust your total grams per macronutrient accordingly by 10-20% each day until you are at your gram goal. This might look like an increase in protein and a decrease in carbs with the same caloric total. Or it might be an increase of each macronutrient if you are falling short in calories. Remember, a fed body is a happy body!

#2 - Create a visual map on your plate. If you are striving to ensure a third of your total calories come from each macronutrient, recreate this pie chart on your plate. This might look like a chicken breast, a sweet potato, and half of an avocado for lunch. By making each of your meals align to your goals, you’ll ensure your macros are balanced for the day!

#3 - Stick to whole foods. It is SO much easier to visualize your macronutrients when they come from whole foods. When ingredients are added to your foods, it makes it difficult to determine if the food has hidden fats or carbohydrates. When you eat foods that are unprocessed and come from the ground or a mother, you know exactly what’s inside and how it is contributing to your diet. There are lots of different lists out there that outline food sources for each macronutrient to make it easy!

#4 - Look for recipes that align to your goals. Head on over to Pinterest, and you’ll see TONS of recipes. These range from low carb and high fat, or high protein to complex carbohydrate sources to overall whole foods based. Choose a recipe that aligns to your goals, make it in bulk, and you’re set for the week!

#5 - If counting macros is new to you, or if your goals have changed, don’t be afraid to ask for help! In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, we focus on counting our macros and making sure they are balanced according to our goals. We would love to have you in our next round and teach you how to do so!  

Tracking macros and ensuring you have a balanced diet can be intimidating. However I am here to say that it does get easier, and I know you can take charge and lead a healthy lifestyle. Do you have your own tips of ensuring your macros are balanced? Feel free to shoot me a message and share your ideas!  I’d love to hear them!