Shred For Summer Tips

Though it seems like 90% of the country is in the middle of an annoying late winter cold snap, I like to set my mind on warmer days ahead!  I’m sure most of you have spent a minute or two dreaming about the upcoming spring and summer months so today let’s talk a little bit about how to get that pre-summer shred on!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know my thoughts and some good facts on the lifestyle I have implemented over the last 2+ years.  What I know to be true about “shredding” or “leaning out” has not changed because I am not about fad diets or quick fixes. My tips for getting into the best shape are tried and true and proven to be a lifestyle that works for the long haul and for any season!  I’m going to keep it simple and share my top two tips to help get you on the road to feeling fantastic for swimsuit season.

  1. Strategic Cardio- If you are still a cardio junkie or believe that you need hours upon hours of cardio training each week in addition to your weight training you’ve got to trust me and stop it right now. I’m not saying to throw cardio out the window completely, but we do need to be strategic!  Paired with two days of low carb nutrition choose to implement 25-45 minute workouts that consist of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and wrap up the last 10-15 minutes of your training time with some steady state cardio. Your HIIT can be Tabata Style, Circuit Style, Sprinting or the like.  Do this training in a fasted state (preferably before you eat anything, but at least 2 hours from your last “meal or snack”).  This will allow your body to use your fat stores for fuel instead of whatever you consumed recently for fuel.  Shredding starts when our bodies are in a fat burning state. Studies have shown that doing just a few sprints 3 times per week burns more fat after 6 weeks than doing 60 minutes of steady state-cardio (walking on an inclined treadmill) 3 times per week. In addition, 20 minutes of HIIT, 3 times a week, was shown to significantly lower a participant’s belly fat.  Shredding starts when our bodies are in a fat burning state.  The benefits of this method of training is two fold, you save time overall and the fat burning benefits last for over 24 hours!

  1. Track Your Macros- You’ve likely heard about macro tracking and that’s because this isn’t just a fad-- it’s a legitimate way to eat for life.  When we start paying attention to what we are eating and really see how that breaks down into grams of each (fat, carbs, proteins) it can be a HUGE eye-opener. When you become strategic about getting the right amounts of each macronutrient, it is a GAME-CHANGER! Try tracking your macros intentionally for 2 weeks and you will see and feel a difference.  This is a fairly simple and intentional way to keep a handle on what you are eating and how to fuel your body for the best results. Apps like Myfitnesspal are easy to use, will help you easily allot the right gram calculation for what you need for each macro based on the goals you set up. This also allows you to live without being on some sort of crash diet or unrealistic plan.  What we all desire is a lifestyled way to eat and still get results without driving ourselves and our metabolisms into the ground. Tracking macros is essential for a lifestyle plan that is effective.

If you need some help with learning more on tracking your macros and how to be strategic with what to eat, when, I invite you to join me and an amazing community for our next FASTer Way to Fat Loss Bootcamp coming up in April!  For all the details and some free resource material to get you started-

Check out the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Information and feel free to reach out with any questions!

Ready for some action?  Here are two ways you can get your fat burn and shred on this week-- choose two days you’d normally spend an hour on cardio and try these workouts instead! Better yet, try to eat low carb and be in a fasted state when you train.

Workout 1:  Sprints on the Bike or Elliptical.  Warm up for 5 minutes. For the next 15 minutes you’ll “sprint” as fast as you can (add some resistance or incline if you need a push) for 20 seconds, then slow down to a recovery pace for 40 seconds.  Repeat for 15 minutes. Finish off with 10 minutes of “steady state” cardio to wrap up the workout.

Workout 2:  Tabata Round 1  (Alternate moves)

Pop Squats: 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

Plank Shoulder Tap: 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

Repeat for 4 minutes

Tabata Round 2 (Alternating moves)

Russian Twists: 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

Moguls: 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

Repeat for 4 minutes

Tabata Round 3 (Alternate moves)

High Knees: 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

In and Outs: 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

Repeat for 4 minutes

Tabata Round 4 (Alternate moves)

Jump Lunges: 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

Power Mountain Climber: 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

Repeat for 4 minutes

Summer IS coming and you can get a good jump start on feeling amazing for the days ahead.  I’m always here to help and take you to the next level should you need accountability and support to get there!