HIIT Cardio vs. Low Intensity Steady State Cardio

It’s true! There are two very different types of Cardio that yield two different outcomes for our bodies when when we train. Today I’m going to share briefly on the difference between the two and how to utilize these two styles of training in your life.

HIIT Cardio

HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”. Generally these workouts consist of Tabata, Sprints, HIIT Circuits, and Speed Intervals). This style of training burns fat rapidly (and the fat burning lasts for hours after your training ends)  and helps us to build lean muscle mass. HIIT training also helps with cardiovascular health (heart health) and ramping up your metabolism. HIIT training is generally done in a shorter amount of time and it is intense. Working towards 100% exertion.  15-20 Minutes is all you need to get the job done!.

 Low Intensity Steady State Cardio

This type of cardio is just what the tagline reads- low intensity and done without stress or maximum exertion.  These workouts last a little longer from 30-60 minutes but also allow the body to burn fat as you keep your heart rate in a fat burning zone.  The fat burn zone is roughly 60% of your maximum heart rate-- you should be able to have a conversation while engaging in steady state cardio, This is all done in traditional cardio exercise forms (Walk, Biking, Jogging, Elliptical, Stair- Step, etc.). Keeping a steady pace for this period of time promotes fat burning, blood flow and it is easy to incorporate.

 So how can you implement these two types of cardio?  

-Incorporate HIIT Cardio on days you want to do “cardio.” You will get a great fat burn in and then you can follow up with 10-20 Minutes of steady state to cool down and keep promoting the fat burn.  On days where you are eating a lower carb intake, HIIT training is recommended as your glycogen stores will be more depleted thus allowing your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar and carbs.

-Steady State is great to end a strength training workout or simply to incorporate on you active recovery or lower calorie day. Because it is less stressful on the body, it will feel good to get the blood flowing and break a sweat, even if it’s just out on a fast paced walk.  I also like to encourage this form of cardio first thing in the morning to help get the fat burn started for the day!

There you have it! Cardio training styles to help you get that fat burn started and going!  Let’s kick it into high gear and make this spring training the best it can be! Want to learn how to make the most of your HIIT and Steady State Cardio Training?

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