Gym Anxiety? Top Tips For Overcoming Your Fear Of The Gym

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Gym anxiety can be a real thing…

It’s one that hinders even the most well intentioned person to stay away.  It is never a fun to feel ill-equipped for success and the gym is no exception. Most of us overthink it and create more anxiety than necessary when it comes to working out at the gym. That said here are some tips to help ease those tensions and to encourage you to drop those anxieties and start getting your sweat on with confidence.

  1. Know Your Space.  Feeling comfortable in the gym can start with knowing the facility and what you can do while there.  Most of us have a routine we like or some machines or equipment we are familiar with that gives us some sense of ease while at the gym. Taking the time to get to know the different areas and spaces of the gym and what is available for you to use will help you to feel comfortable.  Also knowing what classes are available to you that will be appropriate for your fitness level but will also push you will be helpful and give you confidence to show up and give your best effort.

  2. Have a Game Plan.  Along with knowing the gym’s space and offerings, having a game plan BEFORE you go is key.  There is nothing more intimidating in the gym than showing up without having an idea of what you want to accomplish and how you are going to train while you are there.  If you’re not going for a class- spend some time writing out what your workout will look like. If you are unsure of some moves in your plan spend 10 minutes with google to acquaint yourself with the moves so you’ll feel confident while you are training.  Need help with this? Most gyms have personal training staff available to help you on site- or if you need a program, many online trainers can help you (like the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Community). Don’t be afraid to ask the gym staff for help and direction, that’s what they are there to do!

  3. Go with a Friend.  There is strength to be found in numbers and this applies to the gym in so many ways.  Not only will you feel more confident with a friend by your side to train with, you’ll likely train harder.  Friends not only bring accountability, they push us to do our best, try things outside of our current box and help encourage!  There have been many times my training has been taken to the next level because I’m with a girlfriend who’ll push me to step it up!

  4. Don’t Give Up.  Most of us are FAR too hard on ourselves. Stop and give yourself credit for what you are doing.  Every workout counts, every time you show up you’re choosing your health and following through. Every trip to the gym may not be the most comfortable or perfect but if you are consistently putting in the work you are doing it right. The only way you can truly take steps backward is by giving up. Celebrate your small wins just like you do your big wins and keep showing up, never giving up! Every time you do, you’ll gain more confidence and you’ll stop worrying about things that don’t matter.

I’m always here to help should you need that “friend” to keep you encouraged and accountable with the tools you need to find success at the gym and beyond!

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