Take Responsibility!

It’s the end of the second month of 2019, which means we’re one-sixth in to the New Year. How are your health and fitness goals going? Are you finding success?! If so, way to go! Keep it up! I cannot wait to see where you are in the next ten months.

If you’re struggling to make progress towards your goals, ask yourself why. If you find that you’re making excuses, friends it’s time to stop and take responsibility! When is enough enough? When are you going to grow up and take responsibility that YOU ARE THE ONE that is standing in your own way. Let me just say, that is it time that you be an adult, take responsibility and GET TO WORK.

Is is always easy? Heck NO! Does it require work day in and day out? Absolutely.

You need to get up off that coach and take responsibility for your health, friend. Who are you setting an example to?

Today, I’d like to share my top tips that help keep me accountable towards my goals and help me take responsibility to reach them.

  1. Write it down. What do you want to accomplish? By when? Write it down in a place you will see often. When you are reminded day to day of what you would like to do, it becomes more of the forefront in your headspace.

  2. Find an accountability partner. Friends I’ve said this again and again, but you cannot overestimate the power of having a partner to hold you accountable towards your goals and support you as you make strides to reach them! Share your goals with a friend and check in with one another to keep each other on track, and you will be amazed at the power this has on its own.

  3. Celebrate along the way. I like to set little milestones within each goal - similar to a lap in a race that leads to the finish line. This helps me see my progress in a new light, keep my mindset healthy and positive, and gives me an incentive to keep going! These celebrations do not have to be big (though they definitely can be!), but it is important to recognize the small victories along the way in your journey as well.

Once you’ve taken these three steps, I believe you will find that you are truly responsible for your goals and your excuses will diminish - leading to success! You’ve got this!

If you’d like to join a community of women who are striving towards similar health and fitness goals, be sure to check out the next FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Round or register for VIP if you’ve already completed two rounds with a certified coach! Let’s conquer those excuses and reach our goals together.



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