Stop the Quick Fixes: Finding a Lifestyle that Works

We’ve all been there. Maybe you overindulged at a party, haven’t worked out in a week, or you’re finally ready to take control and make a lifestyle change. But...a quick fix sounds so much better. Who wouldn’t like to be the healthiest they can be in the matter of a few days? However, one thing is for sure.

Quick fixes do not last.

Often these quick fixes lead to severe calorie restriction, lists of what you can’t eat, or a workout plan that encourages you to spend hours at the gym on the treadmill. Feeling deprived or even burnt out, you give up in a week and are back to square one searching for the next fix. This is not a lifestyle you want to live, friends! Instead, let’s ditch the quick fixes and find a lifestyle that works.

Begin by checking your mindset. Why do you want to make a lifestyle change? What is pushing you forward and what will motivate you to keep going? Make sure you have a positive mindset and clear goals in mind before beginning. Remember a lifestyle change takes consistency over time - changes in our health that last don’t happen overnight.

Then, track your overall nutrition and food choices. Whole foods are going to fuel your body best - providing it with the nutrients it needs to grow and sustain itself. When you go to the grocery store, consider: did it come from a mother? If so, put it in your cart! If not, think about how it will make you feel in the end and if you can eat it in moderation. If you’ll feel crummy or cannot help but eat the whole package when you sit down on the couch, it probably doesn’t belong in your pantry. Once you’ve made your decision, instead of thinking “I can’t have that”, think “This isn’t going to help me reach my goals”.

Once you have your nutrition tight, head to the gym. Find a regimen you enjoy. Do you enjoy lifting weights? Do it! Looking to workout with a group of people? Check out the group fitness schedule. Enjoy riding your bicycle outside and not even stepping foot inside a facility? Go girl! Exercising in a way that brings you enjoyment will keep you going much longer - creating a true lifestyle change!

Quick fixes often lead with the promise of instant results, but this isn’t reality! Let’s ditch them altogether this year and adapt a true, healthy lifestyle beginning with mindset, nutrition, and exercise. It can be tough, but I believe in you!

If you’re looking for support in making a lasting change, be sure to head over to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® website where we are all about building a sustainable lifestyle and register for the upcoming round that begins Monday!