Why You're Not Seeing Results

Hi there, friends! Today I’d like to talk about something we all want when we are exercising and eating healthy - RESULTS! What happens when you’re not seeing any or as much change as you wish? It may be time to consider why. 

Are you eating too many treats and not sticking to a clean diet? It’s true that diet is 80% of the equation! If you are eating too many treats full of fat and carbs, your body may be in need of protein. If this is the case, your body can’t build that muscle!  You may be overcalculating how much your treat actually has, and then undereating to make up for it - which is the best way to get your metabolism to slow down! If you’re eating a lot of processed treats, your body will be burning off the empty calories rather than fat. Yes, treats are a part of a healthy lifestyle; however, they should not make up the bulk of it! Clean up your diet, and you’ll see results in no time! 

Are you undereating and overexercising? It may seem like it would make sense to eat less and exercise more to burn fat, but it is quite the contrary! When you undereat and overexercise, your body wants to hold on to everything it can to simply survive. There is no muscle building or fat burning that can take place; bodily functions take priority. Instead, eat MORE and exercise LESS! Your metabolism will adjust, and when it is fueled properly the fat will melt away. 

Are you eating a tablespoon of peanut butter here and there, but not tracking it? I’m guilty of this one. Throughout the day, I grab a spoonful of peanut butter, then a few blueberries, a few bites of granola, and maybe a few crackers after dinner. These may seem all like healthy options, but friends these calories and macros add up (especially if you’re not conscious of the serving size)! It is so important to track your macros accurately as a “check in” with yourself to get the full picture of what you are eating. You might be surprised to see where everything falls! 

Are you trusting the process? It takes time to build unhealthy habits, so it only makes sense that it will take time for healthy habits to be instilled into your lifestyle and your body to catch up with it. Trust the process, stick to eating enough, and stick to the workouts as written. Do not limit your food or begin the habit of overexercising - it’s just not worth the negative impacts!

What are you using as means for progress? You’ve heard me say this time and time again, THROW AWAY YOUR SCALE. If you are using the scale to measure your progress, think of some other non-scale victories you have achieved. Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better? Have you noticed your clothes fitting better? These are all progress and results! 

I get it. It can be SO frustrating when we don’t see the results we hope to within the time we have given ourselves to achieve certain goals. Health and fitness have so many factors, and it is important to consider each and every one of them before we become discouraged. Are you stuck of where to go next? Head on over to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss website, and register for my next bootcamp! Let me help you see results in this eight week program!