Loving the Skin You're In

I recently watched a segment on a TV talk show, and it really resonated with me. It was all about women and how they are considered “brave” if they share their bodies and what some might consider flaws. The hosts of the show debated back and forth about society and how this has become our norm.

However, it made me stop and think - why do we celebrate a particular shape and feel we must change if we don’t fit this mold?

Why don’t we all love the skin we’re in and celebrate what our bodies DO for us, rather than what they look like?

Why do we see healthy as a number on the scale and a goal that we must meet - no matter the extremes it takes to get there?

Friends, this mindset has got to stop. We have to start loving our bodies and ourselves - no matter the season we’re in!

It’s time we look at those stretch marks as reminders of how our bodies gave us the biggest blessing in our lives.

It’s time we look at those few extra pounds as reminders of how much fun we had on vacation and all of the experiences we had with our loved ones.

It’s time we throw away the scale and forget about an ideal number, and instead think of all of the muscle we have gained!

It’s time we focus upon our own journeys, our own successes, and stop worrying about what someone else’s ideal picture might be and create our own.

Friends, it’s time to love the skin you’re in. I promise it will make you happier, healthier, and more confident than ever.

Let’s start today! I challenge you to write down one thing you LOVE about yourself and put it somewhere you will see each and every day. Then read it, speak it, and watch your mindset shift to a more positive image of yourself.



MindsetJenny Mire