The Most Common Excuses to Skip a Workout and how you Defeat Them

It’s hard to find the motivation to get your workout in everyday; I get it. However, have you ever left the gym regretting the time you took to better yourself and your health? Chances are, you haven’t! Today I’d like to share the most common excuses I hear from clients and even myself to skip workouts and how to defeat them.

  • There’s no time. You wake up early with the kids, run them to school, and then head off to a busy work day. After you are cooking dinner and by the time you can think about working out, it’s time for bed. What would happen if you woke up just thirty minutes earlier, headed to the gym during your lunch break, or carved out a small break in the evening to get a sweat in? If this isn’t realistic for you, consider breaking apart your workout into small chunks. When you have a few minutes, get your arm circuit in or run the stairs for a quick HIIT workout. The next break you have, do another. Make it a priority to make time for your health each day, and I know you will be grateful you did!

  • I can always start tomorrow. You’ve ate junk all day, and you’re really not feeling like heading to the gym would be worth it so you tell yourself you’ll start tomorrow. Then, tomorrow becomes Monday, and by Monday it becomes tomorrow all over again. Instead of finding a reason of why to push it off to the next day, take a deep breath and just do it. Put on your cute workout clothes, grab your tennies, and get it done. I believe in you!

  • There’s too many people at the gym. This is something I’ve struggled with before. Heading into a gym full of people can be intimidating, especially if you are new to working out. Instead of avoiding the gym altogether, seek out a time where it is less busy, find a class you enjoy, or enlist a friend or personal trainer to support you. Don’t let others discourage you from hitting your goals. Who knows - they may even be feeling the same!

  • It’s not fun. Exercise does not have to mean spending hours on the elliptical or lifting heavy weights. It could mean taking a spinning class or taking a jog around your neighborhood. It could mean warming up on that elliptical and lifting weights for leg day, but with a friend and a coffee date to follow. Find a type of exercise you enjoy and look forward to over pushing forward with something you hate. You’ll find that your excuses are diminishing and you’re much more motivated to push forward in the long run!

Excuses not to workout are easy to come by. However, it is rare that we regret pushing these aside and doing it anyway. If you are looking for a solid support team, head over here and check out the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®!