New Year Resolutions - Making it Stick this Year

It’s the beginning of the New Year, which often calls for a new set of goals we hope to achieve within the next twelve months. These can be small goals, big goals, those that will take the whole year to achieve, or those that only take a short while. Either way, something about a fresh start makes it more motivating to want to set these goals. Today, I’d like to share my top tips of how to make these goals and resolutions stick this year if you find your motivation starting to dwindle!  

  1. Use positive language. Instead of saying, “I want to lose ten pounds” or “I want to give up junk food”, try saying “I will live a healthier lifestyle” or “I will incorporate more whole food nutrition into my diet”. By changing your language to omit any negative words and making a promise to yourself, you are looking at the glass half full and increasing your chances of reaching these goals.

  2. Determine your “why”. This goes alongside positive language. Why do you want to lose ten pounds? Why is it important for you to give up junk food? Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle to keep up with your kids? Decrease your risk of disease? Sleep better? When your “why” is deeper than looking good in a swimsuit, you’re more likely to achieve your goals!

  3. Set milestones, and then celebrate when you meet them! If your goal is to become stronger, what does this look like? Do you want to be able to lift twenty pounds? Start by striving to be able to lift a five-pound dumbbell, then a ten-pound, and so on. With each milestone, celebrate your success. Nothing is more motivating that looking back at how far you’ve come!

  4. Seek out support and accountability. If you’re like me, there’s something about telling a friend or family member about your goals that makes it even more motivating to achieve them. This year, choose a friend or family member to share your resolutions with and ask them to hold you accountable and support you as the year goes on to help you stick to it! They may even ask you to do the same!

The New Year often feels like a fresh start and 2019 should be no different. Ladies, let’s stick to these goals and crush them! You’ve got this!



LifestyleJenny Mire