Why is Accountability Crucial in Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Accountability is a large component in my FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamps, and it is what I feel is one of the reasons so many of my clients are so successful! With daily check-ins, my clients are able to ask questions, share their successes, and be held accountable to reaching their goals and staying on track. Why is this such an important piece in creating and living a healthy lifestyle?

  1. When you have accountability, you are held responsible. You are held to a higher standard. How many of you have ever said, “I’ll start Monday” or “I’ll clean out all of the junk food in my pantry after this last treat”? When the time comes to do so, how many of you are able to let it go because no one is there holding you to it? I know I’m guilty! Having the accountability of a friend, family member, or coach pushes you to follow through!

  2. Accountability provides support. You’ve set the goal, and you have an accountability partner. On your best days, you look forward in sharing successes with him or her. On your hardest days, your accountability partner will push you to keep going and keep you on track. This might mean helping you adjust your meal plan or exercise routine, or helping to better your mindset. You are no longer alone; there is someone there to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep your vision in clear mind just when you need!

  3. Accountability creates excitement! When you share your goals with someone else, it is almost impossible to not get excited to achieve them! You are able to see yourself completing that workout program for six weeks. You seek out new, healthy recipes to share. Most of all, you look forward to showing off your results and being proud of how far you have come alongside someone who has supported you along the way!

Accountability is SO important in ensuring we are able to live the healthy lifestyle we are striving for. It helps us build relationships, while also obtaining our goals. Looking for someone to help you start? I would LOVE to be your accountability partner in your journey among other ladies with similar goals! Be sure to check out my next FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp so you can jump right in!



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