How to Stay on Track With the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® When Traveling

When on vacation, it is easy to lose track of our goals. We’re in a new place, with friends and family, and ready to enjoy ourselves - I get it! I’m traveling as I’m writing this on a business trip.  However, this does not mean we have to feed our bodies food that does not fit our goals. Today, I’d like to share a few tips that I use when traveling that not only helps me stay on track during vacation and traveling, but get right back at it with my FASTer Way to Fat Loss routine when I return.

  • Pack road snacks. When traveling by car or plane, pack appropriate snacks that serve your nutrition needs for that day. For low carb days, I like to pack protein powder to mix in with water, pre-portioned nuts, or boiled eggs. For regular or low macro days, I usually pack a protein bar or two or some veggies in a baggie.This keeps me from grabbing a bag of chips at the gas station or airport store!

  • Extend your fast. When I’m in the midst of getting to my destination but know that there are not the best choices available, I might extend my fast a few hours until there are. There’s no need to feed my body food that won’t make it feel good when there will be some available soon! Instead, I grab a bunch of water and some black coffee to keep me going.

  • Plan ahead. When eating out, plan ahead! Search for a restaurant that has unique, yet healthy, meal choices on the menu. If you know that you will be eating at a place that specializes in burgers and fries for dinner, strive to have a hearty salad for lunch to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need for the day. This might mean a cobb salad at a restaurant, visiting a local grocery store and grabbing a salad to go, or opting for eating in at least once a day!

  • Order to fit your needs. Check out the menu and see which entrees have the best macros for the given day. Ask for dressing on the side. Seek substitutions for heavier things - if the menu offers mashed potatoes and gravy for a side, request that this be substituted for steamed veggies. If something looks especially good, check if you can get another plate to share with the table. Usually if you ask, your server will be more than willing to help you!

  • Have grace. Sticking to the book while traveling can sometimes be challenging. If you find yourself struggling to meet your macros perfectly, or upset that you tried that piece of cake that was ordered, relax! Stay hydrated, get moving, and find motivation to give 110% the very next meal. You can do it!

I love that the FASTer Way to Fat Loss gives me the flexibility to enjoy the things I love doing while also reaching towards my health and fitness goals. This is especially true when traveling! Follow along with me via my IG Stories over at . With small adjustments, my vacations become more about the experience than fear of losing track of my goals. If you’re interested in living this sort of lifestyle, be sure to enroll in my next FWTFL bootcamp!



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