Can you Carb Cycle Long Term?

Carb Cycling is simply alternating between higher and lower carb days that promotes fat loss and muscle building. It is the approach that all of my clients use when working with me, whether their goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain their current state. With that said, can you carb cycle long term? Absolutely! Why?

  1. Carb cycling is not a diet, rather it is a strategic lifestyle that aligns with our exercise regimen. I plan workouts for my clients (and myself) that correlate with how many carbohydrates they eat that day. We are not necessarily focusing on losing inches the entire time we are carb cycling. We are fueling our bodies appropriately for the activities it will complete throughout the day!

  2. You do not have to stick to a set schedule. In the FWTFL, we carb cycle in a way to promote fat loss! However if our goal is to build muscle, we might alternate low carb days instead. Carb cycling is not rigid; it can be fit to meet your needs!

  3. Carb cycling keeps your body guessing! When you are alternating between higher and lower carb days, you are asking your body to use various sources of fuel at different times to complete different jobs. Your body does not get comfortable, and thus does not fall into a plateau! This is optimal for continuous fat loss and muscle building.

Carb cycling is a highly beneficial method to lose fat, build muscle, and maintain your current state of health. It encourages us to focus upon our goals and fuel our bodies appropriately. If you are interested in implementing carb cycling into your lifestyle, be sure to check my site for the latest FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp! In these bootcamps, you will learn how to carb cycle appropriately and meet your goals!




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