Why do you Need Carbs for Lifting?

Carbs. An essential macronutrient for healthy living. However, they often get a bad rep in the fitness and weightloss industry. Today, I am going to share a few reasons why you need carbs to lift heavy and strength train!

What happens when you eat carbs? The body digests them as a source of glucose, which is in turn converted to a rapid energy source via the bloodstream or is stored as glycogen for later use. In each of my FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamps, we deplete the stored glycogen on low-carb days and do HIIT training workouts for fat burn, but my clients know that we need to replace the glycogen with healthy, clean carbs on strength training days! Why?

- Carbs provide a rapid source of energy for the body, it’s cells, and it’s muscles. When we exercise, we challenge our body to do more than our daily activity - especially when lifting. The body needs energy to complete each set and each rep and at a challenging weight that yields good form! Without carbs, our time to recover is higher and we often cannot challenge ourselves towards the growth that we wish to achieve.

- Carbs promote recovery after lifting. We’ve all been there! It’s leg day, and our muscles are struggling to get us to the car. By eating carbs, we give our body the fuel to recover our muscles and get back to their normal routine, stronger and better than before.

- Carbs allow us to build muscle! While our body recovers the muscles with carbs as fuel, our muscles are building. They are becoming stronger and able to withstand more weight, more reps, and more sets the next time around. We know that more muscle also promotes a higher resting calorie burn, which results in a leaner, stronger you in the long run!  

We need carbs in our diets for strength training for many reasons. Without them, our body will struggle to complete the workout, recover, and build muscle - which is the ultimate goal of weight lifting! So next time you set out to complete a strength training workout, I encourage you to eat a solid, clean carbohydrate rich meal before and after. One of my favorites for before is oatmeal with fruit and nut butter, and after I love a good sweet potato or rice with veggies!

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