What are Non-Scale Victories and why are They Important?

Each Friday, I challenge those in my bootcamps to share their greatest NSV, or Non-Scale Victory. It is amazing to hear some of the things that they have found success and positive results in in their nutrition and exercise routines that have nothing to do with the scale! Why are these NSVs important to lasting success in a journey towards overall health?

  1. When we focus on the scale, we are focusing on a number. This number can fluctuate day to day, hour to hour. It doesn’t show one’s overall health. It becomes easy to become discouraged without considering all of the other positive changes we are seeing happening to our bodies!

  2. A Non-Scale Victory asks us to reflect on our goals. We started this health and fitness journey for a reason. Was it to be able to keep up with our kids as they played in the park? Was it to have more energy throughout the work day? Were we hoping to beat symptoms that were present at our last doctor’s visit? A NSV helps us to keep our WHY in mind. Why did we start? What is going to push us to keep going? What are we going to accomplish next?

  3. We begin to see the positive in each day and each week, even when it starts to get tough. Perhaps you’ve had a week in which you barely got your workouts in or your nutrition was only 80% tight. Sure, these can seem like steps backwards. Or, you can consider these as victories in themselves. You were able to get those workouts in, regardless! You may have only stuck to your nutrition plan 80% of the time, but you were well hydrated each day! By looking at the good, we outweigh the bad and find the motivation to keep going.

Non-Scale Victories are SO important to overall health and gives us the motivation to keep going towards a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few of my favorites from my FASTer Way to Fat Loss clients!


“Biggest win this week has been wearing a lot of older clothes that I haven't worn in a long time. It's like I have a new wardrobe without spending the money.” - A.L.

“My biggest win this whole boot camp has been relearning how to pick foods that fuel me. I'm actually eating more. I used to run all day long on a sugary granola bar, that's it! Now I feel in control of my food choices.” - A.

“My big wins are I am seeing definition in my thighs!!! And a change for me is that after slacking a bit macro wise & not all in on my exercise effort, I am keeping my eye on my goals & continuing.” - G.


Today, I challenge you to think of your own Non-Scale Victory and let it drive you through the next week. I believe that you will be successful! If you would like to be a part of my FWTFL community, and learn how to focus on those NSVs,registration for my next bootcamp will be open soon! Be sure to check out my website!