How to Make the Most of Your Weekly Cheat

Are cheat meals allowed in a healthy lifestyle? YES. Will a cheat meal impede all results and diminish any progress made throughout the week prior? Simply put, no!

It is so important to allow yourself a weekly cheat that will create a balance in your diet and overall lifestyle, leaving you feeling satisfied and not a case of serious FOMO. How can you make the most of this weekly cheat and keep your progress in check for lasting success?

- Plan the cheat ahead of time. Decide what you are craving, when you will have it, and how you will get back on track after! It is so important to have a plan in place in order to look forward to it on the toughest days and to get back at it right after for a healthy lifestyle.

- Eat healthy and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Before your weekly cheat, it is important that our bodies are already getting the nutrients it needs to function and grow. Be sure to eat meals with good sources of protein, fat, and carbohydrates throughout the day and days leading up to your cheat. By drinking lots of water, we are giving our bodies another way to help our cells function properly as well as decreasing the risk of a high-sodium meal resulting in dehydration. Doing so will also encourage the mindset of striving to get back to routine after your cheat meal and not derailing your progress!

- Get a solid workout in before. Often, our cheat meals are high in carbohydrates and sugar that we would regularly avoid when trying to lead with a healthy diet. By getting a solid strength training workout in beforehand, you are priming your body in the best ways to replenish the glycogen stores and energy that were used during your lifting session! Your body will need these carbs from your cheat meal to build and repair muscle.

- Slow down and ENJOY. You have worked hard for this cheat meal, and you deserve it! Savor the meal and know that it will only help create balance in your life.

A weekly cheat is a great tool to lasting success in any fat loss journey and healthy, balanced lifestyle. This is the mindset I encourage amongst all of my clients - whether they are new to the FASTer Way of living, or if they have been a returning client of mine and are a part of my VIP Living Fit group. We have learned how to enjoy a treat without guilt and to hold each other accountable to reach our goals. If you want this to be you, join us now!

Next time you set out to make the most of your cheat meal, remember to plan ahead, eat and hydrate well, get a solid workout in, and ENJOY!



Lifestyle, NutritionJenny Mire