How Health and Fitness can Boost Your Confidence

Need a confidence boost? Check out a new exercise routine or healthy recipe! There are so many benefits to eating well and getting into an exercise routine, and an increase in self-confidence is at the top of the list. Today, I’m going to share my top reasons of why I look to my health and fitness when I find that my confidence needs a boost.

  1. Eating healthy and creating a lifestyle that promotes overall fitness increases our motivation. We set a goal to do so, begin to achieve it, and we are PROUD of ourselves. Shouldn’t we be?! It can be tough to do so at times, but sticking through it always pays off. This pride results in motivation to keep going and the confidence that we will continue to reach our goals.

  2. We see positive changes in ourselves. Imagine this: you’ve been working out and eating the right nutrients for about four weeks. You’ve started to notice that your jeans are fitting better and you have more energy throughout the day. Four more weeks in and your friends and family are noticing. You are CRUSHING this lifestyle change. Not only is your body changing, but you feel more confidence in just being in your own skin and being YOU.

  3. Exercise creates and releases hormones in our bodies that promote relaxation and happiness. We’ve all heard the Elle Wood’s saying. When you are happy, your attitude towards life reflects that. You are able to dismiss the negative thoughts, and lead with a positive mindset towards all aspects of life.

  4. Health and fitness promotes positive relationships. Perhaps you are trying out a new exercise class out at the gym. Or you’ve decided to try out a new restaurant that has the best food in town and fits your nutrition goals. These types of activities are great for meeting new friends with similar goals and lifestyles as you, and they’re also great ways to meet up with old friends! When we are with those that we love and care for, we are confident in being ourselves and enjoying the moment.

If you would like to begin a lifestyle change that results in a more confident, healthier, and stronger you, check out my next FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp! I would love to be your support on your journey!