Giving Power to Negative Thoughts & How To Stop!

Self talk is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle when it comes to our mindset.  A positive mindset is key to success in just about everything.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve worked with hundreds of ladies in my FASTer Way to Fat Loss® bootcamps, and I can honestly say that just about every lady has struggled with mindset at some point in their wellness journey.  Lasting success comes when we begin to work on our mindset and start making strides to ensure that positivity becomes a foundational attitude in the process. We have to work to default to this but if we can't yet do it, even little by little we are sure to make huge impact on our goals moving forward.

A negative mindset feeds a negative self image and vice versa.  When we give power to either of these the vicious cycle continues and pulls us down.  In my last blog, I talked about 3 ways a negative self image will ruin your progress, not only in your health pursuits but in life and in goal pursuit also.  The last thing we need is our own negativity working against us, so let’s talk about 3 ways we can implement changes to change our negative mindset and self image to thoughts of of positivity and building up.

  1. Recognize progress and cultivate gratitude.  It is SUPER easy to dwell on the bad or negative things in our lives. Start celebrating progress, and people or things you are thankful for will really help focus your mindset on good.  For example for the constant encourager in your life, let them know what that means to you. The small unseemingly things that help you in your journey- meal prepping, taking time to stretch, the feeling after a completed workout, embrace that! All of the things that spark joy, peace and happiness in your life are key to positivity and mindset. Take time to recognize and inventory these things and be grateful.

  2. Stop Complaining.  Yep- we all spend way to much time complaining about things we can and cannot control.  Take one hour and try to not complain at all. It’s much harder than it sounds. But if we can stop spending so much time thinking or vocalizing our complaints, it will free up our mind for other thoughts—that aren’t negative. Stop yourself and replace the negativity with a positive thought or something else that is productive and see how much your mindset changes.

  3. Pray about it.  I believe 100% that God is capable of changing us from the inside out.  When we commit to prayer over things we know will change us for the better, when we ask for God to intercede on our behalf and change our negative thoughts to what he has for us we are sure to find peace.  God desires for his will to be present in our lives- I promise you there is no negative self talk or mindset involved when we work (through prayer and action) to seek his peace and will for our lives. Change WILL happen- starting with our mind being renewed.

Ladies, let’s work to implement these action items and see just where it leads us.  Changing negatives to positives is how we get the ball rolling to changing our lives for the best!  Please check out either my FASTer Way to Fat Loss virtual bootcamp or Think Fit Method self paced course for more help. I would love to work with you.


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