Finding Freedom from Food

Food should never control us, but often it does. That might sound silly, but if you stop and think about it how often are you worried about dieting, nutrition and the anxiety it can cause.  If you can relate, you may be wondering why it is you have a struggle around this issue. The fact is, having stress and anxiety surrounding food is actually fairly common. Mostly because many of us desire to eat healthy and feel good, but when push comes to shove if we don’t have a plan we’ll easily succumb to eating emotionally or throwing in the towel when the pizza delivery shows up.

What I desire to teach every one of my clients is how to break the shackles of feeling like what you are eating and how your mentality around food has to consume you.  It doesn’t. There is a way to have freedom and true balance (I know it seems crazy), but it is a reality. I have literally worked with hundreds of clients now that have gone from being binge, emotional, stress, eaters to people who understand how to look at food as a tool to fuel their bodies and feel amazing.  Thes clients are now able to enjoy all the healthy options as well as the not so healthy without feeling like a failure or that life constantly revolves around what they are eating.

There are a few tangible ways to begin shifting from struggle to freedom:

  1. Understand what Fuels you: You have to understand that real foods (fats, proteins and carbs) that God made are essential for building a strong body AND mind.  If we don’t have a basic grasp on what is good and what isn’t it will be hard to give up the junk that is keeping us in a rut. I love teaching clients how to understand and implement this very concept.

  2. Planning not Obsessing: Instead of dreaming of the next treat or freaking out about not knowing how you’ll say no to that next temptation that causes us to obsess a bit, it’s important to understand having a plan. Yep, having a bonafide plan will allow you to find FREEDOM in knowing what you can have and enjoy without swinging to either extreme.  There is true freedom in knowing you have a structure that works that includes ALL the things you love. I have helped countless people move from obsessing about food and what they can or can’t have to understanding the best way to enjoy life and food in a way that works. #chainsbroken

Friends, finding freedom from food obsession is so important, on either side, whether you worry about everything you eat to the point of not enjoying anything or you eat anything without ever understanding how it impacts your overall health. There is FREEDOM to be found in programs that work! I would love to invite you to consider my next FASTer Way to Fat Loss where you will find this freedom and learn to enjoy food and a balanced life moving forward. Reach out to me today to find out how to get started!