Are you a Fat Burner or Muscle Burner?

It’s a great question to ask yourself— how do you know if you are burning muscle or fat?  We all definitely want to BUILD muscle and BURN fat but sometimes we either from a place of not knowing or not paying attention become muscle burners while our fat stores sit without being used for fuel (aka: burning fat).

Here are a few ways to ensure you are not working hard with no fat loss to show for it:

  1. Strategic cardio vs. long form cardio— Interval and HIIT style cardio training WILL burn fat.  Even better if your body is in a fasted state before training (try waiting 120 minutes from your last meal before training). This will allow your body to jump to burning your fat stores as your glycogen (sugar store) is already depleted. Even 20 minutes of interval or High Intensity Interval Training will be way more effective than an hour on the treadmill. The metabolic effect will increase your fat burn for hours after your workout ends!  HUGE win!

  2. Don’t eat fat and carbs together- When you are eating try to focus on eating protein and fats together or protein and carbs together.  When we eat a lot of high fat and high carb foods together our bodies tend to hold on to the fat. When we track our macronutrients to make sure we have a healthy and effective balance our bodies have the right amount of each nutrient to burn fat and build muscle efficiently.

  3. Train Smart- We’ve got to lift heavy to build muscle. Ladies, this does NOT mean you will get bulky.  You’ve seen my progress and many of my clients testimonial pictures. All of us LIFT and LIFT heavy as we gain strength.  You have to have muscle on your body to burn fat. If you are neglecting strength training you’ll struggle to burn the fat you want to get rid of! With more muscle comes in increase in your basal metabolic rate which means you are burning more calories throughout the day!

Let’s get focused on the right tools for fat burn by making these simple and strategic adjustments at meal time and in the gym.  You can burn fat and build muscle every day. Join me and hundreds of other ladies who have learned how to do this in their everyday lifestyle through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program.  My next round starts August 27th!



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