3 Ways Negativity & Negative Self-Worth Will Ruin Your Progress


 It is probably one of the worst things there is and it has the ability to affect us and other people in so many ways.  When it comes to our lives, our goals and our health journey, negativity will become a deal breaker if we don’t learn how to call it out squash it and move away from it.  

If you are like me, as quickly as you are able to celebrate a win and success and feel fueled for what’s next, negativity creeps in it has the power to destroy all of our positive attitude and re-shape our thoughts.  I’ve been working hard for the last year writing my passion project, “The Think Fit Method”, which has to do with mindset and positive God-centered self-worth- to help myself and other women understand that we are worth having a positive mindset, and self-worth and  from this we are capable of doing anything we set our mind to.  The process of this project helped me to realize how much negativity controls our lives and derails our progress and pursuit towards our goals. Not convinced? Here are three ways negativity will ruin progress in your life.

  1. Negativity destroys your self image.  God made us beautifully and wonderfully and specifically. You are the only you that there is.  When we allow negativity to creep in, it affects the way we think of ourselves and destroys our self worth. It is really hard to be positive and view life in good, meaningful way when we have a low self worth.

  2. Negativity derails growth.  When we have a negative outlook it’s really hard to want to grow and change.  The defeatist attitude will take over before we even begin and derail any growth we seek.

  3. Negativity pushes people away.  God designed us for relationships.  Relationships are key to growth, love, and beyond in life.  When we are constantly negative, we inadvertently push people and relationship form our lives.  We need each other, and negativity drives a wedge in relationship.

These are only three ways negativity can derail you. It can derail your pursuits, your progress towards your goals, and your work on a positive outlook and self worth.  In identifying how toxic negativity in any form is, let’s make a commitment to ourselves even now to change the narrative and to stop letting negativity rule our mind and attitude.  Need help with this? I STRONGLY encourage you to check out The Think Fit Method to begin the process of shifting your negative to positive and learn to value yourself and step into who God created you to be!


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