3 Things You Should Be Eating Every Meal

It is WAY too easy to overcomplicate nutrition.  There are hundreds opinions and options on what diets, trends and nutritional styles.  The truth is there isn’t one absolute right way. But, there is one very effective way to eat and trust your body is getting proper and needed nutrients to function not only as it should but WELL.  

When we are consuming calories you’ll always hear professionals and enthusiasts alike say to eat clean.  Eat clean, real food from the ground or from a mother. Best if they can be fed on their intended diet and not supplemented with other feeding sources.  I’m sure these pieces of advice are not foreign to you but there is a way to ensure you are getting the best of these clean eats when you sit down to enjoy any meal.  There are three things you need to have on your plate:

  1. Protein- our bodies need healthy protein to build muscle and burn fat.  Simply said. Be sure you are consuming lean proteins when you are eating, especially in the morning and throughout the day at each meal.   Try eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, protein powders, collagen peptides and more. Just be sure you are focusing on getting it on your plate and it your body. It is FAR to easy to skip the protein without even realizing you are.

  2. Fat- healthy fat is also imperative.  Fat has gotten a bad rap for so long that it can be a huge shift to realize our body needs fat to function.  The tip is in the kind of fat you eat. Unprocessed, unfried, no sugar added junk is not what I’m talking about here.  I’m speaking of the good stuff rich in the Omega 3 Fatty Acids that makes our bodies function well. Try foods like avocados, eggs, coconut fat/oil, Olive Oil, nuts, and even bacon in moderation. Again- these clean fat foods are a great way to begin your meals alongside protein.  

  3. Complex Carbs- If you are a fan of high fat/high protein diets that is awesome but please don’t underestimate our bodies need for clean and complex carbohydrates. I advocate that for hormone balance and overall health our bodies do need these on a regular basis.  Again, stay away from processed and packaged carb products (even the “healthy” ones) and focus on leafy greens, fruits and veggies. Oats and gluten free options. I also advise to eat your carbs later in the day for maximum fat burn and efficiency in the body.

So today, as you fuel up stop and make sure you have the right foods on your plate.  These three categories make up your macronutrients (Proteins/Fats/Carbs) that are your fuel for life and health! Want more tips on how to fuel for life- check out my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Bootcamps here!