Yo-Yo Dieting - Why it Doesn’t Work

If you are older than 20 there is a high probability that you are familiar with and possibly have some experience with Yo-Yo Dieting.  The term itself seems silly yet so many people struggle with yo-yo dieting regularly. In case you aren’t fully aware what it is, yo-yo dieting is repeatedly gaining and losing significant amounts of weight. No good comes from this; studies prove it.

You all know how very passionate I am about teaching people how to life a balanced and full life when it comes to nutrition and fueling our bodies.  I can tell you with authority and 100% confidence that yo-yo diet lifestyle is detrimental to your health. So today’s blog is dedicated to understanding three simple reasons why yo-you dieting does not work and what to do instead.

Here are my reasons why:

  1. Yo-Yo Diets cause stress on the body:  Think about how hard it is for your body to maintain a back and forth gain and loss. This will destroy your metabolism, cause your body to hold on to fat and store it and likely create hormone problems like adrenal fatigue.  Not to mention the mental strife it will cause. Depression, obsessing and emotional eating to name a few are ways your mind will likely respond to the lack of having a true and lasting path forward that does not include the huge pendulum swing yo-yo ing will continually become.

  2. Less Muscle, More Fat: I mentioned above that when your body is not certain you will fuel it properly (starving it, not giving it the right nutrients, etc) it will hold on to food and store fat. While yo-yo diets might yield some initial fat loss and weight loss, the long term reality is even more chance to gain it all back and then some. Not to mention when you deprive your body of good whole food nutrients you’re less likely to build muscle which means you are still holding fat.  We NEED muscle mass to burn calories efficiently and train our bodies to burn fat and build more muscle mass. Yo-yo dieting will NEVER support this.

  3. Yo-Yo Diets are often based on Fads: Fad diets never stand the test of time and usually cause more harm than good.  Think back and I’m sure you can come up with 2-3 fad diets you know crashed and burned after a short period of time.  Instead of banking on something that relies on extreme or unrealistic measures we should focus on a lifestyle approach that does not deprive us of the real food/nutrients/vitamins, etc., our bodies need to thrive.

Yo-yo diets do not work.  

What works is learning what your body needs and when it can effectively maximize the food you are eating and the training you are putting yourself through.  Something that is realistic for life, includes the occasional treat and offers balance and longevity. It is my pleasure and passion to have a career focused on teaching people these very skills.  I’d love to invite you to join my next FASTer Way to Fat Loss® bootcamp and talk more about how to skip the yo-yo and take control.