Why You Need to Eat FAT to Burn FAT!

Happy Friday, friends! Today I want to talk about fat burn in the body. You’ve heard me say before that eating fat IS good for you! It truly is and today we’re going to learn why. The fact of the matter is you need to be eating the right kind of fats to burn fat. I’m sure you know that not all fats are healthy.  

In America, most of the fats we consume easily are not great for us.  We also have to fight our default thought process that tells us that eating fat is bad.  Why? Because for many years we have been told by media, doctors and beyond that to lose weight we have to cut fat from our diet.  Yes, we need to cut processed, junky fat from our diets but on the flip side we also NEED healthy, nutrient dense fat IN our diet regularly.  Fats do contain more calories than proteins and carbs but that doesn’t mean we have to restrict them to lose weight. Not all calories are equal and clean fat calories are really good for our bodies.  Healthy fats can aid in weight loss when integrated strategically.  

Benefits include speeding up metabolism (thus burning fat) and helping the body signal the brain that fullness is achieved. Here’s what you need to know about consuming healthy fats:

- Healthy Fats come from whole foods.  Unprocessed, not fried, not sugared up.  Simple enough, right? And it is simple. Healthy fats are foundational for our hormone, brain, and cellular health.  Healthy fat is used as a source of energy for our bodies as well. After our bodies burn the carbohydrates we’ve eaten, it turns to burning fat (which is why strategic exercise is important and the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program works), in this state our body burns fat as its energy source and begins burning through fat stores thus working to lean your body out.  

- The best fats you can fill your plate with are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, from both plant and animal sources.  Try adding products from coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocado, grass-fed meats, wild salmon/seafood, Organic dairy, etc.   And consider joining me in my next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Bootcamp where we learn more about the why behind eating clean fats and the how our body can best use and burn fat stores to help us lose the unwanted fat stores.  There is a way to do this as a lifestyle that works, and will leave you feeling great! Check out the program here!