Strength Training For Fat Burn?!

Experience in the world of fitness and training has shown me time and time again that many people still struggle with the notion that losing the fat they so desire to burn only comes by way of long form cardio, day in and out.  For a long time this was “the way” we were all taught and because it has been ingrained in our heads, even when we venture into other areas of training we still feel like we have to get that cardio in to get rid of the fat.

Here’s the truth.  We must change that thought process and move into the reality that it is not long form cardio but rather strength training that will truly help our bodies burn fat and keep it off.  

Let’s get to the basic principle that informs this theory: The more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn at rest. Muscle will burn calories at rest, including fat you want to get rid of.  Muscle mass is built from consistent strength training with the addition of strategic cardiovascular training.  It’s true that a weight training workout won’t burn as many calories as a cardio workout but it will benefit you more overall.  Here are a few ways that you’ll benefit from strength training for fat burn:

  1. Strength training boosts our metabolism and fat burning rate.

  2. Strength training teaches the contraction of muscles and that leads to burning calories and fat tissue.

  3. Strength training causes the muscle tissue to break down and keeps the body working to recover and build the muscle.

  4. Strength training increases muscle mass and muscle mass has metabolically active tissue which means constant fat burn.

If you have not started strength training regularly for fat burn I HIGHLY encourage you to start doing so today! If you are not sure where to begin, I’m your girl! Reach out to me today and we can talk about what the best way to get you started and burning that unwanted fat in my bootcamp!