What Is AMRAP and Why Is It Important?

“AMRAP”? What does it stand for?

Pretty simple actually,  AMRAP means: “As Many Reps As Possible.” In practice you would incorporate “AMRAP”  during your training session, pumping out as many reps as you can in a certain amount of time. A lot of time I encourage this concept at the end of a set, as a finisher to bring the muscle to full fatigue while using a lower weight than you would use during the sets you are doing for maximum burn.  Plus AMRAP is a really great way to challenge yourself to push till there is nothing left! Here are a few simple benefits of incorporating AMRAP into your training sessions:

  1. It helps you focus on form and we all know that proper form is CRUCIAL when it comes to training to help us avoid injury and help our muscle memory for proper training day in and out.
  2. It helps us train the FULL scope of the muscle.  What does this mean? When adding in training lots of reps at lower weight (decreasing the amount you use for maximum reps) you will be fully able to hit all muscle fibers and train the muscle as a whole.

  3. Anyone can do it.  No matter what your fitness level, you can start utilizing AMRAP in order to start training your muscles altogether.  We always need a starting spot and light weight, lots of reps is a very effective way to start! As you get stronger you’ll up your weights in your training sessions and then finish off with AMRAP at lower weights like we talked about above.  This really benefits all fitness levels.

  4. AMRAP allows you to track progress.  If you are focused on time and reps mastered, you’ll be able to continually push yourself to see how many you can do in a specific amount of time.  Competing with self in the gym is the best kind of competition and will keep you pushing forward!

If you’ve never incorporated the concept of AMRAP in your training session I strongly encourage you to try it out today!  See how you can challenge yourself each and every day.


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