How To Shop The Edge Of The Grocery Store

Hey friends! I hope your week is off to a great start! Today, I want to jump into a quick but hopefully helpful blog on grocery shopping for the right things so you set your kitchen up with the right foods to feed your family and yourself with real food that will nourish your bodies and keep you healthy and cutting the ties with the sugary, processed foods we become addicted and accustomed too.

There is no magic way to scour the store for the right things, really.  The reality is fairly simple and non-complicated.


Yep, simple.  Think about it, the outside perimeter of traditional grocery stores is the home to the “real” food items.  Inside the center aisles is where you’ll find most of the processed, boxed, pre-packaged foods. On the outside edges of the store you’ll find:

-Produce (fresh, organic, living): Fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots. The GOOD stuff. What we should be eating at every meal.  Of course if you can grab the organic items, I recommend that but do what you can. The underlying point is to fill up your grocery cart here first with all the good stuff and eat your produce at every meal.

-Butcher:  Here is where you’ll find the protein! Here’s a little secret, you CAN ask the butcher behind the counter for advice, fresh cuts, trimmed cuts and beyond. While their maybe plenty of pre-cut/packaged meat available, you can always talk to your butcher for special requests and advice! Our bodies need that lean protein so stock up on lean beef, chicken, seafood and ground turkey/chicken.

-Dairy: While I don’t recommend a diet that integrates a lot of dairy regularly, these are still fresh options and again will likely be found on the outside of the store’s aisles.  Greek Yogurt, eggs, milk products and cheeses. If you do consume these products, I generally advise plain Greek yogurt, full fat cheeses, and milks. And if you do, I advise very little and watch to see how your body responds.  Of course eggs and egg whites are GREAT options to fill up on! Butter and Ghee as well (in moderation).

-Bakery: Again, not an area I suggest spending a lot of time at, but if you are using bread, grab the freshest, least amount of preservative ingredient product.  If there is an option like this, it is best. Also, many bakery’s offer gluten free options regularly, and more and more options are becoming available. Don’t be afraid to ask the bakery staff for help.

-Deli:  Fresh options galore here, where many of you will find items like fresh salsas, hummus, Rotisserie Chicken, sliced meats, pre-made salads and more.  Be sure to look for the LEAST amount of ingredients possible and steer clear of sugary/sodium packed items. The great thing is so many stores are embracing pre-prepped REAL food options and making sure there are plenty of gluten/dairy free options.  Simple food with nutrients and no fluff!

Shopping the perimeter of the store is BEST. Keep this simple concept in mind next time you head to the conventional grocery store and try to fill your cart up here before perusing the aisles.  It will revolutionize your shopping, your fridge, your cooking and your healthy habits!

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