How to Gain Confidence in the Gym

We all start somewhere.  Every single one of us has a beginning, a start day, a restart day and we’ll likely have a few of them throughout our journey in health, wellness, and fitness.  It’s also true that we are all learning as we go, adding more tools to our arsenal and finding out what works for us along the way. These are true statements and they apply very much to how we find success in this space.  How we can acquire an attitude of confidence as continue down the path growing, both in mentally with the knowledge we gain and physically as we change our bodies.

Today I want to talk about a couple of bonafide ways to gain confidence in the gym.  I find all too often that both women and men often struggle to be confident in the gym and because of that they won’t stay committed or they won’t ever progress beyond what they currently know or are comfortable with. Most of us want to grow in knowledge and change our health habits in the process and there is no better feeling when working out than being confident in the gym so you can push yourself, train correctly and give 100% focus to what you are doing.  Here are my tips for gaining confidence in the gym:

  1. Have a Plan-Do not walk into the gym and try and wing it! That is a sure way to waste time. If you want to maximize your time in the gym, you have to walk in with a plan. If you are following someone else’s plan, be sure you have looked up the moves you will be doing that day so you don’t have to do it during your workout. Make sure you have your plan readily available (screenshot it on your phone for easy access), so you aren’t searching for it at the gym. If you are creating your own plan, be sure to write it down in a way that makes sense for your gym. Think about what machines are near each other and do your best to build a workout that considers time in between moves. Whatever you do, be sure you know exactly what you will be doing prior to stepping foot into the gym.

  2. Ask for help with what you don’t know!-There is absolutely no shame in getting help from the people at the gym who’s job is to make you feel comfortable and ready to crush your workout.  Whether that is the front desk staff, the personal trainers or class instructors— every single one of these people should want to help you have a good experience. If you don’t know where to start or how to start or use a machine, etc.  Asking is the best way to not only find the answers you are looking for, but also to make a connection and friend for the days to come. Also check out my past blog on why working with a trainer works so well:

  3. Focus on Form- one thing you can control always and feel confident about is correct form. When you have proper form you’ll always get a solid workout in.  Here are a few reasons why form will help you be confident in the gym: 

    *If you can ingrain the right form to start, either without weights or with light weights then when you move to weight training you’ll know the right form and be confident off the get go. The familiarity of the movements will always be there and you’ll be able to build on that as you increase weight.

*Bad form also leads to training the wrong muscle group and/or the risk of injury so form is of the utmost importance and when you have a handle on it you will feel confident!

I hope these few tips will help you make a step toward the gym if you have been dragging your feet due to not knowing where to start.  As a personal trainer in my gym and virtually, I can’t say enough about gaining confidence so you can BE confident all around (inside the gym or out).  As always, I’d love to get you started and advise you along the way so please don’t hesitate to reach out.