Are You Sabotaging Your Goals? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

There is honestly nothing that feels worse than self-sabotage.  In life we will all do this from time to time. Sometimes consciously, sometimes not.  The best thing we can do to avoid and move beyond self-sabotage is to learn to identify it when it flares up and to stop the vicious cycle it can cause.  No one benefits from self-sabotage, am I right? So let’s talk about a few ways we can check ourselves when we feel it impacting our lives.

Ask yourself these questions to help you determine if you are indeed self-sabotaging:

  1. Do I let my emotions on any given day impact my follow through?  Think about this- it is SUPER easy to let how we are feeling mentally/emotionally at any given time talk us out of following through on our plans for the day, week, and beyond.  Are you skipping workouts just because you don’t feel like it or had a bad day at work? Are you strong until temptation arises when it comes to your nutritional goals so you rationalize why you can have what you want rather than what your goals dictate?  If you can identify with these examples, you may need to consider working on taking steps to gain control over your emotional responses and how they play out each day.

  2. Do I let my fear of failure keep me from doing what I desire?  Oh man. This one really gets to the heart of it. So many of us struggle with fear of failure so we just never start.  Ask yourself what do you really have to lose by trying!? Don’t fall victim to the lie that you have to succeed the first time or 100% of the time you try something new.  This is a lie and it will hold you back and keep you in a self-sabotage before you even start! Work to take steps (even small) forward and understand you ARE not a slave to fear!

  3. Lastly- a more tangible self-sabotage question to ask is: Are you failing to plan which leads to planning to fail?   Realistically, many of my friends and clients who are in the process of their journey have started to acknowledge and make progress on the questions above. That said, we all struggle on and off with not making a realistic plan around even our daily goals (nutrition, sleep, workouts, etc).  When we don’t put in the time and work to plan ahead it is REALLY easy to let the sabotage take place. For example, when you meal prep you are far less likely to derail during the day because you have a plan; you did the work and you’re set up for success. Ask yourself if the work you are doing or not doing each day is moving you to your goal or further away from it.

We CAN move beyond self-sabotage.  It will take heart, intention AND practice.  Changing the narrative we default to often. Your health is worth it, friend.  If you need a place to begin, reach out to me today for support and an assessment of which of my programs may be a good fit for you to beat the sabotage and crush your goals!

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MindsetJenny Mire