5 Tips For Improving Your View On Your Wellness Journey

Here’s the reality, friends; The journey of health and wellness is just that-a journey.  Journeys are not typically short, they are not always easy, and often they require resets, reworking. They always require follow through by keeping the course no matter what redirections or missteps come. Many of you reading this can attest that the journey of health and wellness is no different and often even harder.  On any journey we need to be ready to adjust, learn from what works and what doesn’t and keep pressing forward. Let me share with you a few tips I’ve learned along the way in my own journey that I believe will help you!

  1. Failing Forward Is a Choice.  We all fail. -  It’s going to happen throughout our lives time and time again.  What we have to start doing is picking ourselves up and dusting off and choosing to LEARN from the failure so we don’t keep making the same missteps over and over.  This is called “Failing Forward.” Start holding on to the things you learn and allow your failures to work for you as you keep going.

  2. Make it a Party.  We are better together.— God made us for relationships and when it comes to paths in lives (health and even day to day), we need people and relationships because with those comes support and accountability.  It’s SO much more fun to share in the journey with friends/family and work towards a common goal of bettering ourselves. You’ll have someone there to keep you motivated, accountable and ready to celebrate every win with you!

  3. What are You Gaining vs. What you are Losing— This is often a narrative change in our minds we need to make. For so many of us it is ingrained in our heads that we need to make what we are losing (weight, inches, etc.) the overarching goal.  Those numbers will drop as you focus on your plan and stay committed. That said, there is SO much more to gain IN the process. Mindset work that changes your whole outlook on yourself and what it means to be healthy and well.  Choosing to say no to things that don’t align with your goals. Gaining confidence, gaining handles and tools that keep you on track and happy. Gaining freedom from poor eating habits, negative self talk and beyond. Focus on what you are gaining in the process and you will lose the inches and weight as well.

  4. Do the Mind Work—Similarly to what I mentioned in tip three, you have to start with your frame of mind.  Do you value yourself? Do you believe you are worth the hard work, investment and support it will take to get healthy? If not, you have to start working on changing that negative voice in your head FIRST.  You have to believe in you and your value. Invest in your head and heart but speaking words of affirmation and life to yourself. Find others who’ll reiterate that and walk with you. Change your mindset- change your life!

  5. Set Goals and Crush Them— When is the last time you really had a goal that set you on fire?  The kind you won’t let vanish from site no matter what? I want you to take some time to really think through choosing a goal that is health related that you have not yet accomplished but is always in the back of your mind lingering. What are you waiting for?  If it is something you can’t let go of? Write it down, make a plan and finally go for it!! The time is now because life is always full and hard but health is always worth it. Keep your goal in front of you and get after it!

Your journey towards health is an investment in you.  Don’t be discouraged by setbacks, use the tips to help you keep taking steps forward towards the best version of you that you can be! For more tools to get your mind in the right place, please check out my self paced 8 week program, Think Fit Method™.


MindsetJenny Mire