No More Excuses! Tips to Ditch the Excuses and Make Your Daily Health A Priority

We live in a world that demands something of us around every corner and it is HARD to fit everything in and feel like we are doing a good job, am I right?  Often times our health falls to the wayside because there is so much beckoning for our time and energy. One of the biggest things I hear ladies say regarding wellness for themselves is that they simply cannot make it happen because of a busy/full schedule and because they have children.  

Now don’t get me wrong, these are REAL issues. Having a family takes a lot of giving of self and free time is not something we see a lot of as parents. That said, God has given us the gift of our littles and we are to steward our bodies well (from the inside out) so that we can give the best of ourselves to them!  Today, I want to share a few tips I’ve implemented in my daily life and routine that have helped me make time for caring for myself so that I can care for my family. From our mental health to our nutrition and physical fitness, check these tips out and see how they can help you too!

  1. Keep It Simple- The easiest place for us to make excuses and not follow through is with our nutrition!  Here’s the biggest misconception out there in a world of recipes and Pinterest boards at our fingertips, and that is “you’ll spend hours and tons of money to eat clean!”  This can be true or in my case it can easily be avoided! Now for the record, I don’t consider myself a fabulous cook, but what I DO know that has proven itself to be true is this: meal planning does not to be extravagant, detailed, or involved.  Make prep simple each week; Cut up fruits and veggies, bag portioned out raw nuts and seeds and dried fruit. Pre-cook potatoes and rice and quinoa. Have meats grilled or broiled and ready to grab. Keep bagged salads, grilled veggies, and healthy oils on hand for quick “salad dressings”. You truly don’t need to be gourmet in your clean eating conquest.  To be successful to start you need to keep it simple and duplicatable each week until you ARE ready to try more detailed menus.

  2. Schedule Your Workouts- This is so important. It seems simple to think that we’ll always allow time to fit in a workout each day but realistically when we don’t schedule it, it’s really less likely to actually happen.  Here’s my general rule of thumb—Don’t go a week without scheduling your workouts. What I mean by this is each Sunday take 3 minutes to go to your day planner or your online calendar and physically schedule them in your day(s). Make this as routine as your daily team meetings, doctors appointment, lunch break, etc. Don’t let something else take its place as though it was easy to reschedule.  Trust me, if you don’t do it when you have scheduled the time, you won’t end up doing it. It’s far too easy to push off a workout or five. Make sure to schedule it and hold it! Plan for at least four “Do or Die” appointments with the gym each week and stick to the plan!

  3. Unwind Before Bed Time- Ladies, we’ve got to learn to take 10-15 minutes before bed to RELAX. That sounds funny to do before heading to bed but honestly most of us would be better off for taking some intentional time to exhale and relax BEFORE we hit the hay.  Allow your body to calm down digitally detox and to unwind. It is really important to calm your body down before you jump in bed and try to settle in to a good, truly restful sleep. Read, pray, stretch, engage in some deep breathing— don’t be on your phone or in front of a screen.  This will actually keep you from fully relaxing. Taking 10 to 15 minutes of intentional time to truly let your mind settle and unwind will benefit you immensely. It will help your mental state and calm you down before sleep.

  4. Let Perfection Go- This sentiment is much easier said than done because we all struggle from time to time with wanting to be 100% perfect.  I know that for me there are seasons of having an all or nothing attitude. Here’s the problem with that, life is realistically about balance and we have to be able to mentally let go of perfection so that we can fail forward. In order to pursue health you have to let being 100% perfect go. Instead, choose to adopt a “take it one day at a time” frame of mind and understand that it is okay if you mess up here and there.  What’s not okay is letting the “mess up” derail you and drag you down completely.This will just perpetuate stress and a feeling of inadequacy. We cannot live in this place when we know we are doing our best. There is no shame in admitting when we’ve messed up. Get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward! Learn to celebrate each and every win in your journey and trust that progress in your mental health will translate into progress in your health journey!

Our kids and families WILL greatly benefit when we adhere to the basics summarized in these four tips because each one of these offers a tool to help you take care of you first so you can have the bandwidth and vigor to be the wife, mom, daughter, sister, and so on that you were called to be.  For those of you with children, they will benefit from your extra time and energy when you put some of these tips into practice and they become part of your rhythm. Do the best you can and keep being the example for your family that you are capable of being.

If you'd like me to teach you how to adopt these four tips to making your health a priority in more detail, be sure to check out the details of my next FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp, or if you're looking to build a better mindset and better health check out ThinkFitMethod

Cheers to time out for mom to feel strong, capable and excited to be her best self!