How to Celebrate the 4th of July Without Sabotaging Your Goals

Holidays are so much fun! We look forward to time with our friends and family and let’s be honest, the good food and fun that accompany these special days.  For most of my clients and myself, as much as I look forward to these fun times of year there can also be some anxiety around not completely derailing with my nutrition goals specifically. Most of us go into a holiday weekend with a hopeful attitude that we can stay on track with our goals but we also harbor a lack of confidence that we can truly stay strong day in and out of celebrating.  We struggle to know how to truly implement the “balance” concept we hear so much about when it comes to our diet in real life.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not about being perfect first and foremost. But what we can to is formulate a game plan for these special times so that we both enjoy them with balance, leaving the “worry” about messing behind us.

  1. Decide What You’ll Enjoy.  Don’t binge. You simply don’t have to believe that it’s either no treats or #eatallthetreats. What I’ve learned is to plan to go in to each holiday or party knowing what I’ll cheat on and what I won’t.  For example, at most social gatherings around special events or holidays I plan to enjoy one drink and dessert. I skip the unhealthy hor'dourves and stick to veggie trays and fruit. For dinners it's easy to opt for meat, clean starches and salad.  I still enjoy my food and realistically it’s the same meal that everyone else is eating less the sodium packed pre-dinner snacks, dinner roll and ranch dressing. :) If you go into the weekend with a plan for each day you’ll feel equipped to follow through.

  2. Drink a LOT of Water. Seriously, you don’t need all the empty calories that beer and liquor are filled with.  You’ll dehydrate your body and feel icky. You’ll fill up on alcohol and won’t give your body the nutrients it needs.  Decide when you’ll enjoy a beverage or two and then really drink that H20 and keep it coming. This will keep you hydrated in the sun, help flush out the sugar/sodium from any alcohol you consume and keep you from feeling bloated and blah. Add fruits or mint to your water to keep it flavorful and fun.

  3. Stay Active.  I’m not suggesting you workout for an hour each day over the holiday weekend unless that works for you and you want to keep it up. That said, there is truly no reason to not stay active and get some sweat sessions in over the holiday weekend.  Maybe you’ll need to switch it up to make it work. Go for a morning hike or run. Play some team sports with friends and family (ie; a pickup basketball game or baseball game). If you are at the lake, enjoy water sports. Run, jump- don’t sit all day.  Move around and find a way to keep your body from being sedentary all weekend, especially if you plan to enjoy more treats than usual! Don’t make excuses, make every activity count!

  4. Monday Hard- no excuses.  After a holiday weekend it is SUPER easy to let the “party” continue.  Simply get back into your regular routine. Get to the gym, get your nutrition back on point.  Push lots of water through your system and get good rest. Make Monday your day to refocus, and then put your energy and effort in to full throttle and go!  You’ll feel back on track and won’t skip a beat!

You CAN enjoy the holidays, the 4th of July weekend and still stay on track.  Lifestyle balance with health and wellness is attainable when we have some guardrails we adhere to so that we can both enjoy special times but also have a strategy to keep us from ditching our goals completely and later wishing we hadn’t.  Enjoy the 4th of July and let me know if any of these tips help!

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