Full Body - Bodyweight Workout

There is no time like the present to make working out a priority.  The saying “there is no better feeling than a finished workout” is pretty much fact.

Sometimes we literally have to drag ourselves to the gym, but nine times out of ten we leave with an endorphin flow and a bounce in our step. Not to mention the mental clarity and feeling of “I can do what I put my mind to” that influences much of our attitude in the hours post workout.  So I’m going to cut right to the chase and share a workout you can try today to either get started or to mix it up and try something new. Now you have no excuse, friend! Get it done and feel great. This workout consists of three circuits and you’ll complete each of the circuits two times. Now let’s get to it:

Circuit 1 - complete 2x

Bodyweight Squats x20

Push Ups x10

Pull Ups x 10

Plank 1:00


Circuit 2 - complete 2x

Jump Lunges x10

Tricep Push Ups x10

Flutter Kicks x20

Mountain Climbers x20


Circuit 3 - complete 2x

Standing Calf Raises x40

Wall Sit 1:00

Spider Planks 1:00

Tricep Dips x20

If you are looking for some accountability and support, reach out to me today.  My next FASTer Way to Fat Loss Bootcamp kicks off soon!


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