Are You Trusting The Process?

Let’s start this week off with a topic that I believe is worth having a quick blog about. Trusting the process- do you really do this well?  In a world where it seems like there are many ways to drop pounds quickly or drink a tea to stay slim sometimes it is easy to buy the narrative that you don’t have to try to hard to get results.  But any of us who have tried this path know all to well that it truly isn’t a long-term or healthy option for wellness or results.

We’ve got to start changing our mindset from instant gratification to learning the proper and healthy ways to find the results we seek.

So how do we go about “trusting the process?”

Most of the ladies I work with have to really focus on a mindset shift about two weeks into the bootcamps I run.  Simply put, (and this is nothing against any one of them because I struggle with this from time to time also) it takes TIME, EFFORT and FOCUS to really see results come to fruition.  It took time to gain weight, none of us gains 20 unwanted pounds overnight so it’s true that it will take time to lose weight.

It takes effort, focus and dedication to keep going when the initial motivation we have in the beginning of a program or routine wears thin.

When we don’t see immediate results we have to reorient our minds and refocus on the journey in front of us. So let’s talk about a couple ways we can refocus on trusting the process.

  1. It’s a marathon not a sprint- I know there is nothing sexy or glamorous about this statement- in fact it’s downright hard to accept sometimes that when it comes to our health and wellness we can’t just focus 100% on weight loss or getting small/skinny.  If health is the goal then it’s a lifestyle we seek, and that means one step at a time, compounded each day, week, and month will yield the results we are looking for that will not just be there and gone once we hit our goal. If it takes heart, commitment, and devotion to reach the goal, you’ll develop a mindset of gold and a commitment to the process that will last long after the goal is reached.  Commitment that will keep you going long after the “feeling” has left you. You are building lifestyle habits for the good, and that my friend will keep you in the pocket for the long haul.

  2. Anything worth having takes work- to reiterate my statement above, it takes time to gain weight: no one wakes up one morning having gained 20 lbs and wonders how it happens, right?  The bad habits we acquire over time start to compound and then we get to a point of saying no more- time for a change. In the same line of thinking, we can’t expect results of huge magnitude overnight, or even over two weeks.  If it takes time to gain, it will take even more time to lose. And while that may be a tough one to swallow, think of how amazing you will feel when the results DO come. You’ll be able to celebrate your hard work, consistency and dedication and know that you are capable of continuing on in the journey.

Friends, I invite you to start believing in yourself and to TRUST that good things take time and in that time that passes while you work hard- you’ll gain so much while you lose the bad habits, weight and more.  Take time to celebrate small wins along the way and know you are worth investing in to get there. I’d love for you to check out my program Think Fit Method to really help you focus on that mindset work, your value and a reframing of thought when it comes to your wellness journey both inside and out.


MindsetJenny Mire