3 Ways to Change How you View Yourself

Women are EXTREMELY hard on themselves. We are our own worst critic and instead of focusing on the amazing and unique way God has each one of us, all to often we dwell on the perceived negatives and really beat ourselves up.  When I began my passion project, Think Fit Method™ it was out of a prompting from God to really get to the heart of negative self talk, discrediting our value and allowing a destructive mindset hinder us from living the life God has for us- our best life!  If you find yourself resonating with any of this, a poor mindset, self-worth or just don’t think you are capable of change I encourage you from the bottom of my heart to check out Think Fit Method™ and begin the process of healing and changing your mindset for good.

Today, let’s talk about a few ways we can begin that process:

  1. Pay attention to your feelings and change the narrative: This is the first step to overcoming anything-When you find yourself struggling with negativity or a mindset that is more focused on failure do you dwell in that space or work to shift your focus to something more positive?  This is called changing the narrative. Transforming your thinking from the bad to the good, the negative to the positive, can’t to can. If you can work on this and master it, think how much it would change on a day to day basis in you life. So much good can come from this!  When we focus on what we can control it truly does impact every part of our life for the best. Let’s make a point to change the narrative today when we find ourselves in a negative mindset.

  2. Ditch Perfectionism: If you are always striving to be perfect, than when you aren't, you will only see the negative instead of focusing on the small victories!  You’ll want to throw in the towel the minute things get hard and you feel like you didn’t measure up. NONE of us measure up all the time and we won’t! We are human and we learn through the process.  Let go of doubt and reach out for help if you need it. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. LEARN from mistakes and understand that’s what makes you better. You’ll never grow without trying and you can’t try if you expect to be perfect! 

  3. Create reasonable goals: Sometimes the doubt is brought on by unreasonable expectations and goals. And then when we don't hit those goals, we consider ourselves a failure and will lead to doubt in the future. I see this all too often in the wellness industry. We’ve got to focus on something I talk about often- small steps everyday that lead to lasting and realistic results.  These add up over time (no one ate an elephant in one sitting, right?)- the same applies here! One right choice and step in the right direction repeated, adds up and over time you’ll not only reach that goal but you’ll have created a whole new mindset and lifestyle you can both enjoy and maintain!

If you would like to jump into this topic and do some work on your own mindset- let’s get you started with Think Fit Method today! Its an investment in you that will change your life!


MindsetJenny Mire