3 Tools to Implement to Stop Binge Eating

Earlier this week I shared a short blog on what Binge Eating is and some of the symptoms and behaviors that would indicate a true struggle or realization for those who struggle with this issue.  I would invite you to check it out if you are wondering if this is a true problem that you struggle with. Take it from me, this is a common struggle for MANY out there but doesn’t have to derail your life if you can get some methods for tackling the root of the problem.  Not everyone who binge eats has a disorder, but if you are not careful it can escalate to that quickly. My general response is to dive fully into changing your mindset and tackling mental health around issues like low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, trauma, or pressures of life that cause the desire to feel in control by what you eat, and in this case how you overeat.  So today, I’d like to share three tools to use to help stop binge eating habits or tendencies.

  1. Don’t Diet! - Stop following crazy fads, restricting calories or punishing yourself for the food you eat.  We NEED food to survive and we are to enjoy balance and moderation. So many times those who struggle with binge eating and the like restrict themselves or diet like crazy only to have it all fall apart when emotions kick in.  Instead of setting yourself up for impending failure due to unrealistic expectations around food or what you shouldn't eat, try focusing on eating clean foods from the earth or a “mother” 80% of the time and enjoy some “fun” or treat like food the other 20% of the time. This isn’t a new idea but if you truly try it out there will be a natural balance that occurs and you won’t feel like you are failing over and over.  DIETS don't’ work- balance and lifestyle eating does. You’ll start to feel the need to binge eat subside over time as you allow this rule of thumb to work for you.

  2. Slow Down and Enjoy- When you are eating practice mindfulness and enjoy the meal.  Don’t allow yourself to rush through it and then feel the need for more before letting your body register “fullness.”  God made food for us to not only be nourished but to enjoy. Many of us enjoy food with others and that too is something God made us for-relationship.  Food and relationship go hand in hand a lot of the time so practicing mindfulness around your meals by having them with friends or family and truly enjoying the food and company can be a great tool in it of itself. Encourage slow eating practice, and let your meal settle before feeling the need to get more or continue on past fullness.  

  3. Avoid Trigger Foods- If you have foods you know are triggers or basically create a gateway to binge eating simply stop buying them.  This will take a conscious decision every time you shop. As general rule of thumb, don’t have trigger foods around you as much as possible.  Refer to tip #1 and only enjoy these foods when you feel in control (maybe in that 20% from time to time) and don’t eat them alone when you are feeling sad, down or depressed.  And realistically- unhealthy foods only really spur on even more negativity if they are abused as trigger foods. Don’t purchase them or keep them stocked at home or at work. Replace them with other healthy options or things that are not consumable instead.  Go for a walk with a friend or try journaling instead of reaching for the Oreos because they won’t be in the pantry if you don’t have them in your shopping cart. :)

And as always, I’d love to share with you my passion to truly help you heal from inside-- getting your mind healthy so your body can be also.  This starts with tackling your self-worth, your mindset and knowing you are worth it! I’d love to share more of the tools I have created to help women (and men) change their outlook and really understand the “how” to heal from the inside out.  If you’d like to begin your journey check out my THINK FIT METHOD™. Think Fit Method is an 8 week self online course to help you conquer mindset, emotional eating and self-sabotage on your journey to self discover and weight loss God’s way. Check it out here and begin your journey to positive self worth, leaving behind binge eating and more along the way!