Does Nutrition Outrank Exercise?

We’ve all heard the tried and true comment “Abs are made in the kitchen,” or “you can’t out train a bad diet.”  The fact of the matter is, these aren’t just silly catchphrases.

That’s right, not only are abs made in the kitchen, our bodies truly are a product of what we eat.

No amount of training can undo what eating a diet of junk and fake food does to our bodies. So today, I want to shed a little light on why nutrition outranks exercise.  Let me preface this by also stating that exercise IS important for our overall health and fitness but it starts with what we eat (or don’t eat) for maximum results, friends.  Let’s talk about why.

Clean it Up Faster Than Working it Out- Eating clean foods over junk will yield the quickest results if it is weight loss or loss of fat you seek.  You can spend a lot of time at the gym or working out, and while there are some benefits to this if you are not eating clean in conjunction with it you’ll just be burning off all the empty calories you are eating.  You won’t burn off the fat you are storing. When we eat whole foods they actually help your body get the nutrients it needs, fuels your body correctly and allows for changes in your body composition to begin. Think about how hard you have to work to burn off a piece of pizza or sugary treat.  If you are not choosing healthy foods you’ll spin in circles without making any strides.

Clean your diet up, focusing on whole foods from the earth or from a mother and results will follow and they will follow quickly!

Here are a few strategies on how to do this:

  1. Ditch the Fake Food- Friends, the best thing you can do is DITCH the processed foods, the soda, unlimited wine/beer, refine sugar packed foods and junk!  None of this is good for your body and all of it is addictive. The faster you can made changes and cut this stuff out, the quicker your body will FEEL better and you’ll want to keep going. I implore you to start cutting out the junk foods sooner than later and see tip 3 below for how to find balance.  

  2. Eat Fat to Burn Fat- Clean fats (oils, lean meats, nuts, eggs,) and proteins paired together with HIIT, Tabata and Interval training allows your body to burn fat.  Keep the carbohydrates lower 2-3 days a week and eating a higher clean fat and protein rich diet allows your body to burn fat rather than carbs.  You will literally be a fat burning machine all day. When your glycogen stores are depleted (due to lack of carbs) your body will go right for those fat stores we all want to see gone, and it WILL burn them!

  3. Focus on 80/20 for success- For the sake of success and lifestyle, there has to be balance and reality. The fact is, you will want to and SHOULD have days where you treat yourself to your favorites.  That’s why it is so important to have a plan and in that plan, built in expectation around having a clean diet 80% of the time and room for discretion 20% of the time. This is sustainable and realistic and will help you stay the course!

There is no better way to get healthy, find results and feel the way you were designed to feel than to make nutrition a priority.  There simply is no way around it when it comes to treating our bodies well and living life feeling good inside and out. We are what we eat, friends so let’s choose wisely.  If you need help on how to get started down a path towards healthy living that implements clean eating, strategic workouts AND balance for sustainable living, reach out to me and let’s chat! Registration is officially open for my next bootcamp here!