Daily Non Negotiables Are A Must

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We are busy. We work. We parent. We have get togethers. We try to exercise. We are all busy. But do you have set things you do each and every day that are without question? It seems like in this day an age we glorify the fact that we are “busy”. I know this is one of my biggest struggles. I always seem to MAKE myself busy.

So what about those daily things we need to be doing to support our health? The daily non negotiables. Do we make sure we are doing those small things day in and day out despite how “busy” our lives may be?

There comes a point where you have to make the conscious decision on what your “non negotiables” are. These are the things that no matter how tired you are, how drained you are, how busy you are - you will make happen. In the beginning, it takes mental energy to do it - a lot of it. But after some time and practice, it becomes habit. I don’t recommend having these daily non negotiables be things like “eat all my fruits and veggies” because sometimes that just can’t happen. Instead, focus on things that will keep you centered and focused on your long term health.

A few of my personal non negotiables include getting no less than 7-8 hours of sleep a night, getting my workout of the day in (even if it has to be shortened due to time constraints), quiet time every morning with my coffee, and being OFF my electronics by 8pm every night!

How to form health conscious daily non negotiables:

  1. First you must form a conscious habit and you do this by consciously practicing these things over a period of time.

  2. Second, when the internal debate starts you dismiss it and do not give it power.

  3. And lastly, always have some things on hand. If one of your non-negotiables is getting some sort of physical activity each day then make sure to have a change of clothes with you all the time.

I truly hope you can start adding in some daily non negotiables to your life to better your health. It is worth it! If you are ready to set your own non negotiables, let’s get started with thinkfitmethod.com