3 Tips to Stop the Perfectionist Attitude Around Health and Fitness

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Earlier this week I talked about HOW perfectionism can hinder your weight loss goals. Today I want to dive in to a few tips on how you can STOP that perfectionist attitude around health and fitness.

Obviously it can be super difficult to overcome a perfectionist mindset. Maybe you've been this way for years? And maybe it's all you know. Before I get in to my my top three tips to stop this attitude, I really want to encourage you to dive in to your heart. What is it that is holding you back from your goals? Is it a perfectionist attitude? Take some time out to pinpoint what it is that you keep struggling with. 

3 tips to stop the perfectionist attitude around your health and fitness:

  1. Focus on what you can do and don’t dwell on what you can’t. If you can only get a 20 minute workout in today - THAT'S FINE! It's something! Don't always dwell on what you can't do. Look at those small things you CAN do day in and out. 
  2. Have a beginners mindset. When you look at your wellness journey as you are a beginner, you will give yourself a little more grace around those times you slip up. While in this beginners mindset, you also should be focusing on what you ENJOY instead of what you hate doing to lose weight. 
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on being your best self- true to what God says about you and who he’s called YOU to be! There is only one you!

Want to start working on your mindset overall? Do you want to dive in to what's holding you back? Maybe you don't think you're worth it? Maybe you struggle with self sabotage? Or maybe it's emotional eating...  I’d love to have you check out my new program Think Fit Method™ where we address issues like perfectionism and fear and how it pertains to our lives and overall health. 


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