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In short, "Perfectionism" is the refusal to accept anything other than perfection. And let me tell you, some people struggle with this more than you may realize. 

But my thoughts on it is that, perfectionism isn’t really about being perfect- it’s more about fear. As I’ve studied and up on mind-set and worked on my Think Fit Method™ program, perfectionism is something I think we don’t talk about enough. So many struggle with this and it can be so debilitating because it really stems from fear. Fear of failure, fear of making a mistake or disappointing others.

The sad thing is, is that perfectionism can hinder your weight loss goals.

1. Perfectionism makes you look at the negative. If you are always striving to be perfect, than when you aren't, you will only see the negative instead of focusing on the small victories!

2. Perfectionism makes you want to quit the moment you are not perfect. When you do have a mishap, you will want to give up instead of focusing on all the little wins, you will focus on the one negative and will have a tendency to want to throw in the towel. 

3. Perfectionism will cause you to doubt yourself. If for even a moment, you don't think you can do something 100% perfect, you will have doubt and won't even give it a try. 

These three things can really hinder your weight loss journey. I challenge you to really look at yourself when it comes to perfectionism. Is this something you struggle with? I will be addressing some tips to overcome perfectionism later this week - so stay tuned!


PS: Want to start working on your mindset overall? I’d love to have you check out my new program, Think Fit Method™ where we address issues like perfectionism and fear and how it pertains to our lives and overall health. 

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